Sunday, 18 May 2014

OrganiCulture: Isola Bio drinks


Hi there, today I have a post for you about a company called OrganiCulture. OrganiCulture is a brand which as you can tell by the brand name sell products which are organic, from body/shower products to drinks. 

This company were kind enough to send me some of their drinks which were very fascinating to try as they weren't drinks that I would normally go for but I gave them a try anyway. The drinks were from the company isola bio and these drinks actually come from Italy.
I got quite a few drinks to try out and the reason I got them sent from OrganiCulture is because: 1. They just and so happen to sell these products on their website and 2. They relate with the organic theme as these drinks are made up of 100% Italian organic raw materials and are gluten free which may be useful to some people. 

These are the products I got to try out which can be found on OrganiCultures website: http://organic 
My favorite of all of these would have to be the chocolate rice drink as I am a chocoholic and chocolate drinks is no exception, normally some chocolate drinks are very sickly but this one had a nice taste to it and wasn't to strong to the point of to much making you full. 
My least faveorites had to be the coconut milk and water as I cannot stand coconut, the smell makes me feel sick but obviously I didn't inform the company of this therefore it was not their fault. I did taste them both but not a lot as the taste isn't something to my liking, I am not offending the company I just don't like coconut end of. However I did give these coconut drinks to my grandad and he really liked them.
The barley drink was a bit different to what I would normally drink, but was quite nice, the texture wasn't to thick but I must admit it took a while to get use to the taste but I would give this specific drink a thumbs up! 

Overall I enjoyed trying these drinks and would tell anyone interested to try them out to, they have a lot of benefits such as being healthy for you, gluten free and organic. 

Thankyou to OrganiCulture for giving me this opportunity and I hope you like this post just as much as everyone else. 

Thanks for reading. 

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