Friday, 24 January 2014

Nails Inc. London | Autumn Winter Collection

Hey Errrrrrrrrrr body!
I am very excited to share with you a prize I won in a giveaway on twitter with They were holding a giveaway for 20 lucky winners to receive the Autumn Winter Collection from Nails Inc. This collection involved four nail polishes in dark winter colours.
So how did I enter?
I had to paint my nails however I wanted then take a picture with the hashtag #ShowUsYourNails and then send the picture to Beauty Bay's twitter. I thought nothing of it as there were so many amazing nail designs from other entries I seriously thought there was no chance in my winning BUT I DID! But my 12 year old sister actually did my nails for me so she was very proud that we won!
Here is a picture of my entry photo..

I did a very simple design/ well my sister did.
And this was my prize..

There are four beautiful colours including:
St Martin Lane (The vibrant purple colour)
Old Bond Street (The blue colour)
Regent Street (The darkest purple)
Oxford Street (The brown colour)
I haven't tried these polishes out yet but I will be sure to keep you informed whenever I use them (Hopefully soon)
Thankyou Beauty Bay and Nails Inc.


  1. Lovely collection I really like how you placed stickers on the tips of your nails :D I have seen lots of photos lately with darker polishes mixed with glitter tips which looks incredible :) x