Saturday, 25 January 2014

River Island Sale Find!

Hey girls.
Today was a lovely day, me and my friends decided to go and try out the new American diner. It was the absolute BOMB! Anyyyyyyyway.. We went for a looks around some shops afterwards and I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything, but we all know that never happens, however I only spent £7 after my meal which was okay I guess. I went into River Island with the intention of just looking rather than buying but when I came across this purse IN THE SALE I couldn't leave without it. I don't tend to buy purses a lot as there always boring colours and patterns but when I saw this purse I knew it was there waiting for me! Soooo here's a picture, tell me what you think..


The picture isn't the best and the flash makes all the marks show up when I say marks I mean that this
 sort of material is one that gets scratch marks on easily and especially with the hologram style it makes it easy to leave marks. The purse already had a few dints in it, hence why it was on sale but it wasn't marked a lot. I love the hologram effect and it's taken me ages to find anything with the hologram style on. This purse was £7 which I thought was extremely cheap for RI. 

Here's what the inside looks like..
This picture is better, I love the idea of having my own style instead of following a trend as the world would be boring if we all dressed the same and had similar styles, this is what I thought about when I saw this purse, it's so unique and different therefore it's mine. 

Does anyone else own any hologram bags/purses send me pictures! I'm intrieged.

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  1. Such a lovely unique bag, and a bargain for £7 too! Your so lucky to have grabbed that!

    Ive just nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can find all the information here on the link below. Have a lovely day!:)