Thursday, 30 January 2014

WIMH | Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil

Hi girls, sorry it's been a while since I posted, again I've been super busy with coursework deadlines which are driving me nuts! But I'm back and have a review for you all on an amazing product I tried out today.

I received a parcel today from, for all you people who don't know what this website is it stands for WHATS IN MY HANDBAG, and basically you sign up and you can store items you want in your online beauty cabinet and also select products you have tried and you can write a review on them. Around every 6 weeks they do a TRY product in which they will inform you about via email and also will be advertised on their website. To be eligible to apply you must take a quick questionaire, sometimes they don't do questionnaires; normally there are around three questions such as 'have your tried this product before?' Etc, then you give in your address and when the deadline to enter is up they will send a product to a certain amount of people, sometimes you won't get the product but I have had 4 products in a year so I can't complain. You need to be patient you WILL get a product to try, plus they give out multiple products instead of just choosing one person. If you are chosen to receive a product in return you will do a short review on their website saying your true opinion. It's as simple as that! Then you get to keep the product and the best part is that it's free!!!!! 

So this is the product I received and it's the best one yet! I have been dying to try an Essie product out for so long and when this came in the post I was thrilled. 



I recieved the Apricot Cuticle Oil from Essie. This stuff is amazing! It smells so good and makes your cuticles look so smooth and neat, this stuff actually works, I have tried products in the past which have sucked but I would deffinatly recommend this to anyone looking for a decent cuticle oil. The good this about this oil is that a small drop goes a long way meaning you will get a lot of use of out of it! As for the packaging it is super cute and simple! I would totally give this product a massive 10/10 so go and try it and also sign up to What's In My Handbag for incredible trials! 

 As the Essie website is in dollars I found this on for £8.50 which is reasonable and not as expensive as I thought. I will definatly be purchasing this again when I run out of it. Very happy girl :) 

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