Friday, 14 February 2014

Beneco's lipgloss| Flamingo

Hi girls, so the other day I won a giveaway on twitter and I won a beautiful lipgloss by a brand called Beneco's which I had heard of previously but never owned any of there products.
I was so excited to try out this product and it didn't fail to amaze me!
So here is a picture of the lipgloss I won which is called Flamingo. The smell of this is out of this world! It smells like strawberry bubble gum or as my sister would say 'fruity', and the best part of this brand is that they are cruelty free YEYYYY!
This lipgloss is perfect for me as I hate lipglosses that give off a sticky texture and are extremly thick where as this particular one applies a thin layer and is very pigmented for a lipgloss. The colour however is almost coral but more pink.
Above is the swatches of the lipgloss, the first swatch is what the lipgloss looks like when applied thickly and the other swatch is a more thin layer, however both look really pretty.
I have not worn this lipgloss enough to do a massive review so im affraid this is all I have for now!
If you would like to visit their website click on the link below: (This is the USA website but you can change the currency to GBP)
Thankyou for reading.

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