Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Need Sweets | Vegetarian/Vegan sweets

hello, and good morning. I have an exciting post coming up for you today about a company I came across via twitter, they are a company called 'Need Sweets' and they specialise in sweets for vegetarians and vegans which I admire as being a vegetarian myself I find it so hard to discover decent tasting sweets that have the 'suitable for vegetarians' logo/sign on. Its handy knowing that all the sweets that are suitable for me are in one place and I don't have to search around for them.

Here is there website: CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO IT.

Now onto the review, I will show each sweet packet and tell you my honest opinions.

These are the flying saucers and at the moment on their website they are only 99p and you get quite a lot in one pack. I am not a fan of flying saucers but I did try one and they are nice but not the sort of sweets that I would go for. However my mum and dad tried these, my dad is addicted to flying saucers so he really enjoyed them. My mums opinions were that they were as nice as the non vegetarian variety, the sherbet is bitter but in a nice way and lastly the texture is nice. Whenever I review products I sometimes add my family's opinions in to show different peoples opinions and in this case you will be hearing opinions from a vegetarian and non vegetarians.

These sweets are in fact Haribo Rotella's. My sister loves these, however again im not as keen on them but they are nice and fruity. They basically are like and normal laces you would buy in packets but rolled up. There is a good variety of flavours to choose from. My mum says that they were very tasty, she would buy these in a supermarket even though there vegetarian.

Here we have a rice crispy square, as you probably know marshmallow contains gelatine therefore the Kelloggs square bars are NOT vegetarian due to the marshmallow that is included. This square bar does not contain gelatine in the marshmallow. They do sell vegan marshmallows which I will later on talk about and I suppose they use them marshmallows for the the rice crispy treats. These rice crispy treats are nice, however the marshmallow taste abit to odd and I think that these would be good with chocolate on.

Vegetarian marshmallows? Yes you read right, I was shocked to and this must be wrong but they are genuinely 100% vegan! However they don't taste just like marshmallows but what do you expect when they're vegan. They are quite sticky but once you chew them they have to same texture as a normal marshmallow, these are vanilla and if it wasn't for the taste they would be quite similar to normal marshmallows. You get quite a lot of marshmallows in one container so would defiantly be worth the buy. My grandad is addicted to marshmallows and he tried one, he liked them but did agree that the texture was different, to say he wouldn't give me the tub back I take that as he liked them!
This is Rocky Road and was scrummy! The chocolate was very rich and a nice surprise with the nuts as nuts aren't usually an ingredient in the non vegetarian option. A small amount is enough to satisfy as the chocolate is so dark and smooth

These are hands down my favourite sweets at the moment, vegetarian cola bottles are so hard to find as normal ones would contain gelatine. Without gelatine cola bottles are not as soft and are easy to bite through just as a warning as my mum moans a lot that vegetarian cola bottles don't taste as nice but personally I prefer them as there not as sickly! Its hard to explain the texture of them but once you know what the texture is like you will be able to notice if there vegetarian just by biting into one. When I had the first one of these fizzy cola bottles I was overwhelmed by the sourness of them but once you get use to how sour they are they taste so good and I have got use to them being so sour and prefer them like that now. I got a lot of sweets in what looks like this tiny packet. I would and will be buying these again.

I was surprised to see this little treat in my box of goodies as I have never tried a smores bar before and I can honestly say there very tasty! They remind me of a wagon wheel but with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. This bar consists of a biscuit base with marshmallow on top and then covered in chocolate. Worth trying!

Be sure to check them out for other great sweet treats and even gift hampers!

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