Wednesday, 23 April 2014

DermOrganic Hair & skincare review

Hello, tonight I have a review which has taken me a while to do so thankyou to DermOrganic for being so patient. I recieved two boxes which has miniature bottles of their products including hair and skincare products. I have had chance to try them out and I am impressed with most products. 

Hair care

Daily conditioning shampoo
Intense hair repair masque

With the hair products, for me they were not suitable for my hair type, I have naturally quite greasy hair and every Argan oil I have tried on my hair has made the final result look mega greasy. It might be the fact that I don't use the products correctly but Argan oil doesn't seem to agree with my hair. Unfortunately this product gave me the same results as always but I must say that they smell incredible and is probably the nicest smelling hair products I have tried. My sister tried these out and she loves them, obviously this product has worked well on my sisters hair better than it did with me so it just proves that it will work for others but not everyone. I have been told that when using anything with Argan oil in on your hair to only apply it to the ends of your hair to stop your roots being greasy so I shall bare that in mind next time.


Facial moisturizer 
Soapless facial cleanser
Hand and body moisturizer 
These products are very good, my sister especially thinks there amazing and she uses them everyday without fail. Here are what I think of each product:

Facial moisturizer 
- applies easily
- leave face feeling clean and fresh
- finished results leave you with soft, glowing skin

Soap less facial cleanser
- no dryness
- leaves skin feeling very refreshed 
- finished results leave skin so soft

Hand and body moisture lotion
- applies easily
- leaves skin soft and fresh
- smells nice but not to strong

You can find these products on their website and here is the link for you to check them out:

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