Monday, 21 April 2014

Kardashian Do's and Don'ts

We all know the Kardashians as the stylish, outgoing family that are always on top with the latest trends but sometimes they can have a few wardrobe malfunctions every now and then and here is the proof.

We all know that Kim Kardashian has the best cleavage ever, so why not express it! I have noticed Kim's 'booby' revealing outfits lately and I think she rocks them and she should embrace her figure more. The black dress with the glowing tan goes together so well! The right hand dress shows all the wrong cleavage areas, the black leather looking vest under the dress is so tight on her skin that her skin looks like it needs to breathe a little. The dress is not flattering and the humongous frill down the middle is to much. 

Next we have Kourtney who I always look to as the motherly figure due to her love for her children and I believe that Kourtney rocks dresses, it suits her slim figure and she always looks elegant; however the dress on the right does not suit her figure and looks to tight on her. I normally love a crazy outfit which stands out from the crowd but this one isn't appealing to me, it looks to tight and the print looks like something off a dress you would buy from a cheap boutique. 

Words cannot explain how beautiful Khloe Kardashian looks in the red velvet dress on the left, it fits her figure like a glove and enhances her best bits which is her booty! This dress makes her look so slim and the way it drapes to the floor, oh my god, to die for! However I'm not really feeling the 'don't' outfit, the bright barbie like pink is okay in small amounts but when you have a full length dress with that colour it's such a no no! I don't feel that it compliments her hourglass figure and to be honest looks cheap although it probably isn't, however the colour does suit her tanned skin I must say! 

Kylie Jenner! She's growing up fast and her fashion sense is changing all the time, I have really grown to like Kylie due to her style and this outfit (left) leaves no exception. Her slim figure works heavenly with this outfit, I like how she's gone sort of casual which is a good example to set for girls her age as it shows you don't always have to dress glam 24/7 (even for the red carpet) and the casual nude court heels leave an elegant look which works effortlessly with her whole outfit. Oh my goodness, the picture on the right is shocking, has she heard of bras before? As an 18 year old I would never go out the house without a bra on and as Kylie is followed a lot by paparazzi ide have thought she would want to look presentable but looks like she doesn't really care at this moment in time. The loose cropped tshirt does not go well with the no bra look, if anyone was to wear no bra I would expect them to be wearing a tight top, dress which should lift up a woman's boobies! 

It's simple with this do and don't outfit match, the left picture looks amazing as we all know Kendall as the teen model who has them 'to die for' long legs and these white jeans compliment her legs so much and pairing them with casual black heels adds even more height! The very glamorous cropped top shows off her amazing stomach leaving a lot of people jelouse, and it's nice to see Kendall dressing more funky as I normally see her in jeans and a plain tee a lot of the time. This outfit (right) is hideous I have to say! The baggy leather look/sequin looking pants hide her beautiful legs and the fact they are short around the ankle also do not flatter her. The jacket is ok, however with this outfit I would have dressed up abit more when it came to choosing a jacket/coat/cardigan.

Mummy of the family, Kris! I am use to spotting Kris in an all black dress, suit, leather jacket but it's nice to see her showing some colour! The blue dress is flawless, her figure is absolutely incredible to say she's had six children and this dress enhances her figure which she should be so proud of, I hope I have a figure like hers when I'm her age! Now I did say it was good to see Kris showing colour in her outfits but may she have gone abit over the top with the pink in the right hand picture, it's weird enough seeing Kris in pink as it's very rare but this outfit (dress and cardigan) looks to vintage and not in a good way! Maybe if she had more of a tan in this picture the pink would go better but it's really not working for me.

We all know Robert Kardshian has gained a lot of weight recently but I really believe that he looks fine, his dress sense suits his weight and as much as being overweight can be unhealthy it shouldn't matter what size you are, there are so many people in the world who gain a lot of weight fast but we don't see  it happen and because Rob is always in the public eye people are thinking its bad just because they have seen it occur over this amount of time, his weight gain has made him look more of a man especially in the face. Anyway onto the fashion part, I chose this 'do' outfit because lately I've seen Rob in a lot of casual clothes and this outfit suits him, as much as it's not fancy or anything special with the weight he is it looks kind of cool. The picture of the right does not do Rob any favours, the tshirt is fine however the (what looks like) work out gear looks a little to feminine especially with the tight Lycra leggings (if that's what they are)

This post was to mainly prove that even though the Kardashians are known as being famous and glamourous they can have there wardrobe malfunctions just like everyone else. No one is perfect.

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