Friday, 22 August 2014


Wow, its been a week or two since I've blogged and I feel so guilty, but here I am to make it up to you with a positive blog post.
I heard about the buzz of an app called 'Depop', where you sell items and people can make an instant payment using PayPal, sounded like a great idea, but the thought of it sounding familiar to eBay didn't really sell the app to me. eBay to me is a bit slow, sometimes you don't get any interest in your items and its just not my cup of internet-tea. Depop I must say is my new found love, its a god send to people with a wardrobe full of stuff they never use or wear. Its a fast app which allows people to buy from you in the click of a button, all the information is sent to you correctly and its 100% safe.
For the month of August depop have decided to do a 'no depop fee' month, so get selling your stuff before the offer ends. You will never be charged for listing your items, when you sell an item depop will take 10% commission from your final sale, which is not a lot, and they will also take a small depop fee from you, however if you do not sell the item you can delete it/keep it on and you will not be charged (unless you make a sale with the item).
I have been on depop 3 days and already sold two items making me a very happy girl and making someone else a very happy girl. All the buyers and sellers are very friendly, except from the odd person I have had be mean to me, but you will get that anywhere. Its so easy to add items onto your account and is fun to do! You can choose from different filters to jazz up your pictures or you can go natural and add no filter, opinions are endless. So if you have a room full of things you need quick rid of, then stick them on depop and watch the money fall into your PayPal account very quickly. I know I cant say much as I have only sold two items but there has been a lot of interest on my other items so I look forward to selling more.
So follow me and I will follow back: oliviacathx
Like to have a look at what depop has to offer, then click HERE ,get the app and start selling or buying.
I hope you join depop soon, thanks for reading.
O x

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