Tuesday, 12 August 2014

NV Colour

Good morning everyone!
Today's post is about an exciting new brand which just recently launched back in January of this year, the brand is NV Colour!
They are a makeup brand who specialise in fun and vibrant makeup products, from lip crayons to glitter pots, everything about this brand is fun!
By taking one look on the NV Colour website I fell in love with everything on there, and truly was in makeup heaven!
Fancy a trip to makeup heaven to? Then click this link and the colour angels will guide you there - www.nvcolour.com
The best thing about this brand is there use of colour, makeup is great as you can express yourself through the colours you use, but there are a lot of makeup products that are dull, which isn't always bad, however I feel makeup should be available in endless colours, from black to neon yellow!
There are a few key points I look for when buying makeup from a brand I haven't shopped with before and here are some that I found with NV Colour, which attracts me to the brand even more:
  • Affordable - Price is always key with me, I am not the most wealthiest person on earth, therefore I don't go for the high end brands unless I have the money to treat myself. NV Colour is a brand which is very affordable, making the products appealing to both older customers and younger people/teens. I remember when I was around the age of 12, I use to get pocket money on a Saturday to go to town with and I use to buy the £1 makeup items from places such as: Body Care, Savers and Claire's; all because they were cheap and affordable for the money I received at the time. This little tale of mine is an example of why its handy for products to be affordable, because different age ranges will be attracted.
  • Useful - With such a wide variety of colours within one website, you can use NV Colour makeup products for various occasions. Festivals are a great excuse to buy some funky and bright makeup, therefore I think the glitter pots they have to offer would be a great touch to a festival makeup look! You could also use the more neutral products for an occasion such as a wedding, a great product to use would be the NV Rose Blush Cheeky Stick, which is a light red blush stick which can be blended in to create a more elegant effect, and costs only £6.
  • Help - There has been so many incidents where I have tried to contact a company for help on their products and not received any information back, but with NV Colour they have so much helpful info on their website without you even having to ask. There website includes makeup tutorials, social media posts and a beauty blog; now if that's not helpful I don't know what is! Having makeup tutorials for the brand I'm sure is very helpful, as it saves you having to explain your problem in an email and having to wait patiently for a reply.
  • Highly pigmented - As this young makeup brand is full of energy and colour, Im sure you will have guessed that these products are highly pigmented, which is true. I can tell just by the pictures on the website that this company have tried there best to create good quality and high pigmented makeup products.
This company is currently an online brand only, however they do plan on expanding to online and high street retailers as well, which is something to look forward to!
NV Colour is a brand I will certainly keep my eye on and forever be a fan of! I hope you liked this post and that it has tempted you to check out their website just like I have.
Thank you for reading.
O x

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