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Imperial Candles | Review

Good morning.
Today I come to you with a very exciting review. I have been lucky enough to work with a company to do a review on two candles from the brand Imperial Candles. These candles caught my eye straight away, as I'm sure they will with plenty of other people, they are very unique and are great as a present for a loved one, or even to treat yourself.
All of the Imperial Candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and hand poured right here in the United Kingdom!
Not only do you get a luxurious candle to enjoy, there is also a hidden jewel inside valuing from £10 to £2000, to find the jewel you have to let the candle burn down until you see the gold foil appear, when it is low enough to dig out, you get a pair of tweezers and carefully pull it out. The jewel will have a price tag on when you open up the foil, telling you how much the jewel cost. You can get anything from earrings to necklaces to rings, but, Shhhh its a surprise!
In every 1 out of 500 candles there is a code to win an iPad, so not only do you get a lovely little gift in your candle, you also have to chance to win an iPad which is very exciting.
Please note: Please read the original instructions as to how to get the jewel out of the candle, don't take my instructions as I don't want anyone burning themselves!
As always with candle reviews, I get my mum to pitch in and she really enjoys completing them with me, when I told her we were doing a review for Imperial Candles she was so excited as she had seen this company before on Facebook. Both my mum and I chose a candle each, my mum chose a 21oz candle and I chose one of the 'Summer In A Box' candles which come in a tin like packaging. This time were doing it differently, normally we will review both candles each, but as we have our own candle each we will only review the candle that we chose.

My review:
The candle I chose was 'Peach Splash'. When choosing a scent for the 'Summer In A Box' candle, all the fragrances sounded divine, but 'Peach Splash' stood out to me the most. I'm a sucker for fruity scents, so this one sounded great.

Firstly I would like to say how beautiful the jar is that the candle comes in, sometimes with candles you only get the candle, and finding a jar for it to fit in is your own mission, but in this case it came all ready to enjoy, without the fuss!
This candle came wrapped in bright 'summer like' tissue paper, finished off with a wrap around bow, presentation is always important!
I was surprised when I unwrapped the tissue paper, I could smell the scent straight away. The scent wasn't what I was expecting, I was expecting a very fruity peachy scent but this scent was more of a soft peach smell. I sometimes find it hard to describe a scent and this is one of the scent I am struggling to describe, I believe you must try this candle out for yourself to know what I am talking about. When I had this candle lit for a long period of time the scent got stronger, when I got up close to the candle the smell was very strong, almost giving me headache. Altogether I found that this candle was not my favourite out of all the candles I have tried and if I was to try another I would go for a completely different scent, due to the fact this candle wasn't as fruity as I expected, it was more of a sweet peach smell.
Onto the jewel that was inside this candle, I was waiting very patiently for the candle to burn down as I couldn't wait to get into the golden foil the jewel was wrapped in, it reminded me of opening a Wonka bar on Charlie & the chocolate factory! I was extremely pleased with the earrings I unwrapped, I had previously lost my favourite pair of earrings, so these will now take pride on my dressing table as my new faves! 

Cost: £30

I couldn't care if these earrings cost £30 or £2000, there stunning and you can tell there so carefully designed and created. I'm normally not a fan of purple, but I particularly love this shade of purple. The earrings are very classy and elegant and could be worn on a casual day, or dressed up with a fancy outfit for a special occasion. These earrings value at £30 which is such a luxurious treat to get in a candle.
I was very impressed with this company, the delivery of the candles was quick and simple, quality was spot on and the variety of scents made it very hard yet exciting to choose from. I will defiantly keep this company in mind when it comes to buying gifts, as I think these candles would be great as a present.
 Mums review:
I love the design of the glass jar. It suits the look of my bedroom very well. The scent is sweet and delicate, just as I like it. It gives off a very calm and relaxing mood. I was very pleased that the jewel was not too far down because my husband (and I) could not have waited the amazing length of burning time the candle has to see the gift waiting for me. The sterling silver necklace is absolutely perfect for me. I'm not a modern girl, so the fact that its not too large and modern looking and more delicate and classy is wonderful. I have a wedding to attend in August and I will be wearing my necklace to the occasion as it suits my new dress perfectly. My daughter's candle had the almost matching earrings so I seeked her approval for claiming them for the wedding too. I usually wear the jewellery that I've had for many years so this is going to make me feel extra special on the day. Thank you. 
Cost: £35
Thank you so much for letting my mum and I work with you and I shall hope you will see a few orders from us here and there in the future!

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