Monday, 28 July 2014

How to win online competitions!

Hi there, I wasn't suppose to do another blog for today but I really wanted to do this post as I feel it may help a lot of people..
Anyone who knows me well enough will know I am absolutely addicted to entering online competitions and I give up so much of my time entering them! A lot of people ask me 'How do you win so many competitions'? Well today I am going to share with you my top tips, so that you can start comping to! It is literally the best hobby I've ever had and in under two years I have won over £9000 worth of winnings. So if you want to join in with my craze then please read my tips and start entering! Before I start please note that this is a hobby of mine, im not in it to be greedy, if you are a competition addict like me you will realise that everyone enters as many competitions as they like and whoever wins, we all congratulate and move onto the next, if you think any different then please do not read any further. Thank you.
  • Give up your spare time - If you don't give up your spare time to enter competitions, you will not win, its that simple! I spend up to 6 hours a day (at the most) entering competitions and that's why I am so successful with it. If you enter one competition a week your chances are pretty slim. I know majority of you will want to be out having fun but for me I enjoy what I do and to me this is my fun. Once you win something you will realise it is worth it. Even if you only spend 1 hour a day entering them, you have much more of a chance of winning. Don't be afraid to enter as many as you like!
  • Social media is your best friend - Get a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest Etc. Social media accounts will always be willing to give back to there followers with awesome competitions! My favourite social media site is Twitter, they advertise competitions everyday and they are simple to enter. If I ever win a competition via a social media site then I always like to give back and send them a picture of my prize and say a big thank you, its just manors.
  • Read the rules - I see so many people who just assume that because its a Facebook competition you just like and share the picture, no! You must read the rules of each individual giveaway, you will most likely be disqualified from the competition or not noticed if you do not follow each step. Its happened to me before and I wont let it happen again! I once entered a competition for a pair of hair straighteners, I was notified by email that I won and it was only open to the USA, therefore I got my hopes up!
  • The harder the entry, the more chances of winning - If there is a competition where you have to fill out a form, upload a picture, do a drawing, write an article, DO IT! Less people enter the more complicated competitions where there is more to do than just follow and like a photo. So many people, even myself love competitions where you don't have to do much to enter, but if there is a competition such as upload a photo of your nail art, then there will be people who cant be bothered with the big competitions and wont enter. Also another advantage is that if there is for example a photography competition they will judge based on what they like the look of and not just a random draw, therefore you have chance to impress!
  • FREEBIE FRIDAY - Twitter and Facebook is the place to be on Friday's! Companies will post competitions every Friday as its called Freebie Friday, this is the day you want to enter competitions, I enter everyday but Friday is when I try to enter the most. If you didn't win anything one Friday then come back the next and the same companies will be there hosting more comps!
  • Always check your notifications - Whatever accounts you have linked to your competitions, you must check at least once a day, even your emails if necessary. Some companies will only give you a certain amount of time to claim your prize or reply (such as 24 hours), or they will pick another winner. I was involved in an incident like this before, I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed and I came across a status from a company which said that due to the previous winner not contacting them they had to choose another winner, and it was me! So it was an advantage for me but I felt guilty that the other person obviously didn't check there notifications, and the prize was huge! It was a £150 online voucher for Dune and I got myself a new college back, two pairs of shoes and a purse for my mum! So with this experience I saw what the previous winner had missed out on just because they weren't online that day.
  • Be fair - This isn't essential but for me it is, if I win something from a company, I don't enter there competitions again because I like to give other people a chance of winning. If you do enter a competition from a company you have already won from, they may not choose you again, so to me its pretty pointless!
So there we have it, those were my tips on how to enter and win competitions. I hope this post was helpful, to encourage you more, here are some picture of just a few of hundreds of competitions prizes I have won.


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