Friday, 17 October 2014

Sweet Theatre chocolate | Review

Sweet theatre is a luxurious chocolate brand sold in the ever so famous Harvey Nichols! 


I was lucky enough to win a hamper containing these chocolate bars to try out myself, let's just say there's not a crumb of chocolate left! I fell in love with these 70g choccie bars, because of there utterly stunning packaging. What I realised when I received my chocolate hamper in the post, was the reason why the brand is called 'Sweet Theatre', each bar has a lovely female illustration on the front in the style of watercolours (very classy), but when I turned over the bars, each bar was titled in the name of a Shakespeare play. The female illustrations on the front are different female characters from seperate Shakespeare plays such as the most famous 'Romeo and Juliet'.

I would rate these chocolates a 10/10 for packaging presentation, taste and quality. These value at £3.50 each, which is pricey for a chocolate bar, however they are so worth the £3.50 and I would defiantly purchase again. My favourite flavour was the milk chocolate bar, tasting delicious and very creamy, I could just eat another bar just thinking of these bars!

If you fancy having a try of these bars, feel free to have a browse at all the scrumptious bars they have to offer but click the link here:

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