Monday, 20 October 2014

Jewelsy | Wish list

Good afternoon, today I am going to be doing a wish list from a website called Jewelsy. Jewelsy is a unique, cheap and elegant jewellery company. With jewellery pieces starting from as little as £1 I was immediately drawn to this company, therefore decided to do a wish list of my favourite pieces, as well as showing off the amazing low value prices.
I love jewellery, but find it very hard to come across unique pieces that you wouldn't see anywhere else, but, my luck has changed as whilst browsing through this website I could have literally bought everything they had to offer. So here are my favourite pieces from
Happy gold ring - £1
This ring reminds me of something I would see Miley Cyrus wearing, with her wacky fashion sense, Miley is always up for wearing something colourful and different. I could defiantly see myself wearing this ring, its bright and cheery.

Door knocker lion earrings - £2. 50
I love love love these earrings, and the price is just amazing. There edgy but with a simple design. I would be seen wearing these a lot.

Unicorn nail decals - £1. 50
How fun do these look. These nail decals are great to dress your nails up without the fear of damaging your nails. They would also be great as a present to one of your nail obsessed friends.

Handmade golden blue druzy style ring - £2. 50
I have seen these style rings on other websites for around £10 to £15 for one, now £2. 50 sounds way more up my street, and the ring looks just as high quality as the £15 rings I have come across previously.

Faux pearl ear cuff - £3
I have been wanting to try out an ear cuff for so long now, however I found it hard to find a style that I really like, and I can say I have found one that suits my style down to a T. This elegant ear cuff would look great for a wedding, party or even just on a casual day.

Antique silver skeleton necklace - £2. 50
We all know Halloween is around the corner and this jewellery piece would be great to finish off a more mature/grown up Halloween look. I would also wear this regardless of whether it was Halloween, its such a cool piece.

Moon and Stars midi ring set - £2. 50
This is my favourite piece out of the whole collection Jewelsy have to offer, the simple design is absolutely stunning and the moon and stars pattern just completes this whole look. You could also style this ring up for Halloween along with the skeleton necklace. And the price is just brilliant.

Rose quartz point gemstone necklace - £6
This is one of the more pricey pieces but still at such a low price. I am in love with the colour of the gemstone and think it would look great styled with pretty much anything. Such a girly piece.

Handmade anatomy skull cabochon ring - £2. 50
Last but not least, this beautiful and very much edgy ring which I am dying to own. It has a very 'Pirates of the Caribbean' look to it and I would style this ring with a black outfit, almost punk inspired outfit. Also great for Halloween.
And there we have it, my wish list for Jewelsy. I had such fun doing this post and cant believe how many items I found that were to my taste. I am a big fan of this company and thank god that I found this company as theres nothing more annoying than finding a jeweleyr piece you like, but at a ridicuolou price. I hope you enjoyed reading my wish list.
Thank you.
O x

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  1. Lovely blog and selection! I've already got the blue druzy ring and it really looks so beautiful and rich!