Monday, 16 February 2015

Fullips Lip Enhancers | Review

Hi everyone, so good to be back after a busy/stressful week.
I have a review that I cannot wait to share with you all, I have been testing out the Fullips lip enhancers, they are a small device which you put over your lips and suck into, its sounds scarier than it actually is!
These devices are a temporary lip plumper, therefore, you don't have to go through all the pain of lip injections, use this product and you will have big, beautiful Kylie Jenner lips in no time. These lip plumpers only last a few hours at a time, but trust me there soooo worth giving a try!

There are three sizes, but I was lucky enough to be sent all three, thank you Linda!
The sizes include:
Small Oval - For thin lips & targeting (this one can also be used vertically) My favourite!
Medium Oval - For smaller, overall mouth size, single or both lips.
Large round - For fuller mouths & overall mouth fullness, both lips.

Tip: Always use a lip balm before using the lip plumper's, as it creates a smoother surface for suction to be more successful.
I have been so desperate to show everyone my results, but have struggled to take photos that I am 100% pleased with, as you can notice the different in my lips a lot better in person and im not great with camera selfies (especially when theres no front camera - Nightmare!)
These products really do work, you have to try them for yourself to see what im talking about!

I cannot believe I had the guts to show you my naked skin, for the world to see *hides face*.

These lip plumper's work great for me, the small oval is my 'go to' plumper, personally it sucks my lips in the best and works perfect for my small lips. There is no pain, just a slight tingling sensation afterwards for the first few times you use them, everyone's experiences will be different so I cant say this will happen for everyone. Do not suck to hard when first trying the lip plumper's out as they can bruise, but there is no need to suck to hard, they work fine with a light suction.

I am a big fan of biggggggggggggggggg lips, so these lip plumpers are literally life savers for me! They make my lips look so much better when I apply lip products such as lip liners, lipsticks, lip crayons etc.

There is nothing I can fault with this brand and there products, the lady who sent me these lip plumper's to review, is the sweetest women you will ever speak to and sent me so much useful information within the package I received, to make sure I knew 100% what I was doing; the packaging is also beautiful and very eye catching!

I was sent these all the way from the US, therefore im not sure what shipping is like, but whatever the price, they are certainly worth investing in.

If you would like to contact Fullips yourself, there is a contact form on there website -
Also join them on their social media sites...
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I really hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading.
Have a great week!



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    1. Its pretty interesting, but I mean you can do the same with bottles or glasses right? I havent tried it out yet tho. So I wonder whats so special about it? I bought it on eBay, i saw that they also have it on

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