Saturday, 21 February 2015

W7 Makeup | First Impressions

I have never tried any products from the makeup brand W7, but that all changed this week, and lets just thank god I discovered this brand, W7 sell affordable and high quality makeup, which ticks all my boxes, and today I'm here to review some of there products for you!
I received all the products above, and immediately I noticed the cruelty free logo on the side of the 'Get Set Eyeshadow base', which made me a very happy bunny, as I am a hugeeeeeee supporter of cruelty free brands. I sometimes buy/order a product without knowing if there products are tested on animals or not, but if that is the case, I will give the product to a family member or friend, therefore, I really try my best to stick to my cruelty free rule!
Now onto the products, if you would like to visit the W7 website, where all products in this post can be found, please click HERE
10 out of 10 Eye Shadow Palette: This palette is amazing for the price, at just £5.95, this palette includes 10 shades that are perfect for anyone. I would highly recommend this palette, but especially to people who are just starting out with makeup and are wanting to build up there collection, as it is affordable and includes a variety of shades.
The top eye colours I would use to create a very dramatic smoky eye, as for the bottom colours, I would use these to go for a more neutral eye look. my favourite colour from this palette is the middle bronze/gold colour on the bottom, to me, this colour works the best and is the most easiest to blend in and build up.
I am not a big fan of the blue and purple shades in this palette, I am not a big fan of blue or purple eye makeup altogether, but these colours just don't seem to blend in as well and take a lot of building up to get the colour pigmented, however the middle top colour (dark grey/black) is okay for working into the crease and is build able. I would rate this palette a 7/10 and will defiantly keep and eye out on the other 10 out of 10 palettes to maybe try out soon.
Butter Kiss Lipstick: This lipstick is in the colour red light. I love this lipstick, its got a nice creamy texture to it, however, I would say it could be used as more of a tinted lip gloss, but if you build up onto it, you will be able to create a more pigmented lip colour. The fact this lipstick is more of a lip gloss doesn't change my positive opinion on this product, I still really like this lipstick to create a natural makeup look, but with a bit of colour on the lips. I am very curious to try out the other shades, as I am so impressed with this one. 9/10.
Catwalk Concealer: This is the most disappointing product of them all, even though the concealer blends in very well and has a nice creamy texture, the shade is way to dark for my pale complexion. This is the lightest shade they do, the colour looks darker in person compared to the photo. This product is not use able for my skin tone, however, I will keep it to use for a day when I have fake tan on and want to apply makeup over the top, as I think this would be more suited to people with more of a tan than my pale self. If this concealer was more lighter, it would be perfect, the product blends in so well and leaves a lovely finish to your skin. 6/10.
Get Set Eye Shadow Base: I am loving this product so much, for a drugstore product, it works so well for me. The colour of this eye base is matte white, you can build up the product if you need to but is also great for a thin layer. This product blends in very well, however, my only fault is that it can make the eye shadow a bit more harder to blend in, I would leave the eye base to dry for a few minutes before applying an eye shadow over the top, apart from that, I really do love this product, I use it every time I do my eye makeup now and will defiantly be re-purchasing once I run out! If you are looking for a cheap but good quality eye base, give this a go and it wont let you down! 10/10.
I had so much fun trying these products out, I will certainly be trying more W7 products in the future and I hope I have convinced you to take a look to!
Thank you for reading and thank you to the team at W7 for helping me discover such an awesome brand.


  1. I love W7 cosmetics! Try their In The Buff palette :)

    Sophie x

    1. I have had my eye on that palette for a while to be fair! I may have to try it out sometime! :)