Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Glo & Ray Balloon Pop | Review

Good afternoon.
Today I will be reviewing a fun eyeliner set which I have had really enjoyed trying out. These Glo & Ray eyeliners are not your typical dark shades, they are fun, suitable for summer but also with some shades great for any other season.
This set is called Balloon Pop - Sky Breaker.
Firstly, the packaging is so insane, this set has been designed so every part of it is eye catching, its like a big colourful circus in a box.
I normally take all my makeup out of its packaging and add put it in my makeup draws, however I love this box so much that I sat it on top of my makeup draws to show off, its to pretty to chuck away.
This set includes 6 eyeliners, all in a variety of colours and a sharpener which is very handy as I'm always loosing my eyeliner sharpeners. So basically everything you need to create a funky eye look is in this little box.
I am in LOVE with these eyeliners, they are extremely creamy and smooth on the skin. They are super pigmented and unlike a lot of eyeliners I've tried, you don't have to draw over them until the colour is pigmented enough. My favourite colour has to be Rosy candy. When I opened the box for the first time, I thought the pink eyeliner was a lip liner, for the reason that it came in a separate section from all the other eyeliners and it isn't your typical, everyday eyeliner colour.
I am so excited to get some good use out of Rosy Candy & Summer Sky in the summer. There's some amazing colours in this collection that you could even match your eyeliner with your outfit, and have a lot of fun with them.
Altogether I am so impressed with this collection. I will defiantly be checking out Glo & Ray more, by trying these eyeliners, I can already tell that all there other products will be just as great quality.
If you would like to check out the Glo & Ray website, please click HERE
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  2. It's such a beautiful box isn't it? I also have it and the staying power of these liners is immense.

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty