Thursday, 26 February 2015

Motel 'New In' Wishlist

I have recently discovered the 'New In' section on and oh my sweet Jesus, I am obsessed! I have always been a big fan of Motel Rocks, as they have such a wide variety of clothing, shoes, accessories, anything to feed your fashion minds; however, there range of clothing has blown my mind recently, with more patterns, colours and prints than ever! So before I ramble on even more, lets just get straight into the exciting part.. my top picks from the 'New In' section, which you all must check out - here

(Starting from the left)
Click on the clothing description to be taken to that exact item on the Motel Rocks website.
Motel Girly Skater Dress in Floral Blue White - £45 - This dress is so perfect for summer 2015, whether your having a chilled one at home, or going on a luxury holiday, you cant go wrong with a pretty floral dress. The colour palette within the floral print is stunning and something a bit different to your normal floral colours (pink, cream, red), this dress would catch a lot of attention!
I love this next set, however you do have to buy the two pieces separately, the two pieces are - Motel Bessie Bandeau Crop Top in X Ray Floral - £18 and the Motel Cecile High Waisted Culotte in X Ray Floral - £35 I am not normally the biggest fan of sunflower prints, but I love the edgy take on this two piece.. BLUE SUNFLOWERS! The top is great to show off your gorgeous figure, but then the skirt adds a hint of class to the outfit, I believe in the saying 'its either legs or boobs, not both', and I learnt that through my 'back in the days, fashion mistakes'; this outfit defiantly goes by that saying, by hiding the top part of the legs and working on the chest area instead. This piece is so effortless and can be thrown together in minutes, with a messy bun and minimal makeup, you will still look a million dollars!
Motel Arli High Waisted Flared Trousers in Root Down Rise Up - £35 - These pants are my favourite all time Motel piece, ever! I am IN LOVE with these pants and I will tell you why right now.. I hate shopping for pants, I think they hide my slim legs (sorry to sound vain) and never hug my figure in the way I want them to, therefore, I avoid shopping for pants, and due to that, own about 4 pairs of jeans and two pairs of leggings, which isn't a lot if you compare that to how many tops I have! But these pants look extremely figure hugging, and I am obsessed with how they are high waisted (always a bonus), slim around the belly, down the legs and then flare out at the bottom and I don't know why the flare trend hasn't already been re-discovered before now! If I won the lottery I would buy a pair of these for everyday of the week and wear them for the rest of my life! Enough said.
Motel Sun Slip Dress in Paradise Candy Pink - £35 - First of all, can we please have a moment of appreciation for the pinkness of this dress! This dress is beautiful, I love the simple slip design, but then this dramatic floral print and bold colour palette. There's so many ways you could wear this dress, you can dress it down for a casual day or dress it up for something like a wedding or summer garden party, the possibility's are endless. This dress only costs £35, but looks like its just come fresh off a runway! L-O-V-E!
Motel Anja Wrap Bell Sleeve Top in Ester Rust - £28 - Lastly, I found this amazing top. Again I am seeing the flared trend re-appear, but in a top version. I love a flared sleeve, especially for me, who has always been picked on for having very skinny arms, I feel a flared sleeve is the one style that helps enhance skinny arms and works well also. As for the colour and pattern, I love it! I love the wrap around effect, as it shows off your figure, as well as showing a hint of cleavage around the chest area (a bit of cleavage never hurt no one ;-)).
I am so impressed with the latest pieces from Motel and cannot wait for summer to come around so I can treat myself to a few goodies from there site!
Thank you for reading, I hope you loved my fave pieces as much as me, let me know what your faveorite Motel pieces are in the comments below..


  1. I really like the 5th one on the right! I think it would suit you with leather jacket :D! I love your post <3 x

  2. I adore the culottes with the matching bandeau! They're also on my wishlist!

    The Glitter Den