Friday, 6 March 2015


Hi everyone, I have a quick post for you all, as I won £5 credit on Twitter for an app called Parcel Genie. I normally don't blog a great deal about food or sweets but I'm so impressed with this app that I have to recommend it to you!
How does the app work?
Its pretty simple, you download the app and select a gift from the list of goodies, you can send a gift to someone else's address or treat yourself, but I would highly recommend this app for occasions such as birthdays and celebrations! Once you have selected the gift you can add a personal message onto a card of your choice (different designs to choose from), then you enter your friends number, which they will then get a text saying you are sending them a gift, they then reply FOR FREE with their address for the gift to be sent to them. Another way is to enter the persons address yourself, if you know it. Then the gift will be delivered, hand wrapped with your note inside. Its that simple!

I am super impressed with this app, I sent my sister a gift and it arrived the day after, with free postage to! It was great timing as my sister had just finished parents evening so as a treat I surprised her with the gift. The gift was sent to my address as my sister lives with me, so I knew it had arrived. My sister loved the little treat I gave her, and even my mum was amazed.
I then showed my mum the app and she said it will come in handy for future gifts, therefore I am keeping the app on my iPad and I'm sure it will be used again! The prices of each gift is amazing, from the gifts I looked at, prices were no higher than £6 maybe £7, I cant quite remember, but they were super cheap.
The packaging is very nice, as a gift.. your friend, mother, father, brother, sister, partner, would be very impressed.
I give this app a 10/10.
I don't normally tend to buy from apps as I find it easier to use the internet, but this app couldn't be more easier to use!
If you would like to give this app a go, then download the app, or click here where you can be taken to their website and download it from there.
I hope you enjoyed my mini review.
Speak soon.

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