Friday, 26 June 2015

My Ultimate Beauty Icon..

So, I guess your wondering where the whole 'lets dye my hair red' idea came from, well, wonder no longer, as I am here to share with you my ultimate beauty icon, who I got the inspiration from..
Last year I was flicking through the TV Guide and as per usual on a Sunday afternoon there was nothing on that took my fancy, so as a joke I put on WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and ever since that day I have been such a WWE geek!
After I watched WWE for a while, I starting watching a programme called 'Total Divas', which showed the ladies of WWE out of the wrestling ring and in the real world, a bit like Keeping Up With The Kardashians but even more fights! After seeing every episode, I got very fond of the newbie wrestler 'Eva Marie'..

Not only does her beauty show on the outside, but inside also. Eva Marie has more to her that just a pretty face, she has struggled in the past with alcohol addiction and found wrestling after mending herself. Now, Eva is an inspiration to so many people, she shows that you can overcome anything and become whoever you want to be!
Eva Marie has also struggled with self image insecurities (which im sure a lot of women have/do) and never felt good enough with her body or the way she looks, but somehow Eva always manages to put on a brave face and fight back at those people who get her down about her appearance. Personally I think she is absolutely stunning!

As for the beauty side of things, I am obsesssssssssssssssssssssed with her vibrant, candy apple, red hair! Eva Marie always has flawless makeup (even if she does have a makeup glam team) and such volumised hair, even Rapunzel would be jealous! Eva's signature look is the red hair, red lip, which she completely pulls off! And not to mention her insane cheekbones that are always perfectly contoured & highlighted!
Here is created a look from one of Eva's Instagram photos. I created a smoky eye using my all time favourite eye primer as a base ( Urban Decay Anti-Aging Primer Potion - from House Of Frazer) and the Make Up Revolution 'What You Waiting for palette, the smoky eye look is one of her most common looks. As for the lips I created a pink, nude lip instead of red as she can also pull of a nude lip too, is there anything she cant do!?
I created a quick Instagram video to show off my finished look.
I tried to go as bronzed as a pale girl can go, Eva Marie is extremely tanned, whether it be real or not, she still looks like a bronzed goddess! Eva is always rocking the winged eyeliner, so I had to put on my GO TO eyeliner - the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes liner. It wouldn't be an Eva Marie makeover without the fierce lashes, therefore I applied the Eyelure Katy Perry Colour Pop lashes to create some drama! Overall I am loving this look and shall for sure be using it time and time again!
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Eva Marie was the inspiration behind my red hair, although mine isn't as bright as hers I am working on it and couldn't be more happier with my new look. But not only has Eva Marie inspired me to go 'all red everything', she has inspired me to be a strong independent woman and be happy with the way I look as everybody has flaws.

Do you have a beauty icon who inspires you? Let me know who yours is in the comment section.
Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you have a fabulous weekend, deucesssssssss!


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