Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Joan Collins - Timeless Beauty

Hi everyone, sorry its been a while, my life has never been so busy!
Its nice to finally be able to sit down for a few hours and write for you lovely people.
Today I am reviewing a lipstick and lip liner from the Joan Collins - Timeless Beauty collection.
I have never really known much about Joan Collins herself, however, by seeing pictures of her and seeing her on television, I know she has such a wonderful, classy and elegant sense of style. If I look as timeless as her when im her age, I will be a very happy lady. Anyway, moving on..
I am so mega impressed with the products I was sent to review.
This lipstick is 'to die for'. The lipstick case is incredible, in fact, its quite heavy
 a heavy case. I have never seen such beautiful packaging and the gold casing makes this lipstick look like its worth a million dollars! I have had so many positive comments on this lipstick, from the packaging to the colour itself.
This shade is heavenly, I love bright lip colours, as long as they don't give the 'im trying to look like a Barbie doll' impression. I don't own a lot of pink lippies, as I prefer nude and red tones as they suit my fair skin better; however this colour really goes well with my pale complexion and gives my face a pop of colour without it looking to over the top! I wear this lipstick to work everyday more or less and it stays on so well!
The only negative this I can say about this product is that it tends to bleed quite easy onto the top of my lip and isn't easy to take off without a makeup wipe.
The price range of these lipsticks are £18 from the official website ( JoanCollinsBeauty ) which I think is reasonable for a high end, good quality beauty product, which will last you a long time.
Onto the lip liner. Oh my goodness, I am loving this lip liner, not only is it super pigmented when applied onto the lip, it has a double sided brush that you can use to blend in any lip product or the lip liner. This brush is super soft and sturdy so it will give you an accurate blend. I think this is such a handy idea and its like getting a makeup brush for free, which im sure every makeup geek would love!
This shade is a lot lighter than the lipstick, however I don't think it is suppose to match the shade of the lipstick, but that's fine as I have a few lip sticks already that would go great with this liner. The black and gold design is so classic and gives the product an expensive, high quality look to it.
The price of this lip liner is £12 from the official website, which I think is amazing to say you get the brush on the opposite end.

I am so impressed with these products and would highly recommend them to anyone any age, and that's the good thing, this collection is suitable for a variety of ages!
The colours are so pigmented, even one swipe and it gives a super intense look. You could also dress these colours up or down, for a casual day or a fancy night out.
Please check out the website linked about (in the red text) and let me know which products take your fancy!
Thank you for reading, have a great week and speak soon!


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