Saturday, 21 May 2016


Hello everyone!

Today's post is inspired by the festival season which is now approaching us..
I have never been to a festival before simply because I just haven't got round to going to one, however I was truly inspired by all the YouTube 'Coachella' makeup looks that beauty guru's were re-creating and that got me keen to try and create a makeup look myself, that could be worn to a festival and really make you stand out!

As so many people are getting excited over the festivals that are lined up this year, I wanted to give you girls (and guys even) some inspiration in the makeup & hair department..

When I think of festivals, I think of everyone getting together to celebrate music, having a laugh and letting your hair down, leaving all the stress of reality at the field gates! Therefore I created a fun makeup look which can be easily created by anyone whether your a pro or a learner..
My sister also did my hair for me (she's very talented) using a curling wand to create big curls to add volume to my hair.

So what are you waiting for, scroll down to see my finished look..

I went for a bronzed look as I wanted to really stand out and have that 'natural glow' look to my face.
I used a pale concealer for my under eyes and centre of my forehead to create highlighted areas and add some brightness to my face, as I am normally very pale and have 0 colour! The concealer I highly recommend for pale skin is the Collection - lasting perfection concealer in the shade Fair, its inexpensive and works just as good as any high end concealer, great for if your on a budget!

I am so pleased with how my eye makeup turned out!
I watched endless videos on YouTube for how to create a funky neon eye look and when it came to me doing it, I just went for it and made it all up as I went along, and it wasn't bad for my first attempt!

I don't normally wear bright colours like the ones I used in this look, but after seeing how successful this eye look turned out, I may have to experiment with colour a bit more!

I used so many products for the eyes, I cant even remember half of them, however one product I will point out which I have been raving about lately is my MAC Cosmetics Chromaline eyeliner in the shade 'Basic Red', this eyeliner glides on like a dream and you only need the tiniest amount of product on your brush, a little really does go a long way! And as for pigmentation, of course its highly pigmented, its MAC after all - nothing but the best!

For my lips I used one of my all time favourite MAC lipsticks, which is the recently new Miley Cyrus Viva Glam II, this colour is sooooooo bright, its a red lipstick with a slight hint of orange so when your in different lighting the colour looks different shades of red!

So that was my festival inspired makeup and hair look..
I hope you enjoyed reading..

Let me know in the comments below if your going to any festivals this year & send me your makeup looks!

Have a brilliant week and I will catch up with you all soon!

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