Sunday, 9 October 2016

Personalising My Blogging Area | Fox In The Snow Designs

Morning everyone!

This week has been the worst week or the year so far, I came down with tonsillitis and I've never felt so run down!
All I could think about whilst being wrapped up in my duvet feeling sorry for myself, was how I wouldn't be able to write any posts for you lovely lot, however, I am now back and feeling okay(ish) but I wanted to take some time to write up this post for you all which is long overdue!

So, a few weeks ago I had a big sort out in my bedroom as I wanted to create a blogging area for myself to work in, sort of like my own little office in the corner of my room, as I already had a spare table in my room it didn't take me long to accomplish this however I thought my blogging corner looked a bit plain and boring, therefore I went on the hunt for some ornaments, office stationary, the lot!
I had been having a YouTube day in my room a few days later where I paid close attention to YouTubers backgrounds in their videos and saw that quite a few Vloggers had personalised wall art hung up and I thought it was a great idea to look into myself.
After having a quick browse on my trusty 'DEPOP' app, I discovered a guy called Jamie Dixon who created unique, personalised prints and right away I sent him a request, a day or two later he had already designed me something as an example, I immediately loved it and clicked the 'BUY' button.

Jamie Dixon is a designer, he works for a brand called 'Fox In The Snow Design' where he creates personalised prints, his work is fab and he is a very talented guy!
I worked with him on Depop, however he does have his own website which if you click  here you can be taken to.

I was really happy with my personalised print that I had ordered, it looks great on my wall.
I also got two other prints which were ones that had already been designed but I love the quotes on these prints and thought they made perfect sense and related well to my blogging and my own personal beliefs.

All these prints are printed onto high quality card and gets delivered to your door without being bent, ripped or creased, the prints are packaged very carefully.

I'm not 100% done with my blogging area yet, I still have a few more ideas, however I already love my blogging corner, its great for me as it gives me my own space, I have everything I need in one area, I can sit down properly and work in a calm, quiet environment.

Fox In The Snow is a great and extremely professional company who put there customers first, I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

I hope you enjoyed reading,
speak soon but for now have a fab week!


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