Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Haul | Matalan winter sale

Hey beautiful ladies,
Today I had a look around Matalan as I heard there was a sale on, I wasn't very impressed with the womens clothing as they were still abit on the pricey side for me even when half price (Im a cheapskate) but I did try some things on and only found a few items I was happy with. So here goes!

Matalan is one of my faveorite place for jewelry as they always seem to have jewelry in that really suits my style. At the moment im completley addicted to midi rings/knuckle rings and Matalan is the place for midi rings! They have such a wide variety. I was lucky enough to come across these rings above that were in the sale (even though there dirt cheap at the original price).
The set of three midi rings were £2.50 (half price) and I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them, they are so simple and small with a tiny rimestone in the middle. Everytime I buy midi rings I always get size Small due to my fingers being so skinny and these rings fit perfectly. 10/10 and a bargain.
The set of five finger and midi rings above were originally £6.00 reduced to £3.00 but unfortunatley the lady at the till didnt take the discount off so I ended up paying the full price which made me mad as im all about saving money but what the heck! These rings are so worth paying the extra £3. I love the fact this set comes with a ring for each finger but you can swap them about as apart from the thumb ring the others fit most fingers. I especially love the crown ring! Even though I payed full price to me it was still a bargain as the rings are so nicely made and good quality.

Lace top: I was really impressed with this top as it was only age 16 (Im 18) but fitted perfectly and actually leaving some room for me to grow into. I find it hard to find the right size for me at Matalan when it comes to clothes but I was not expecting this top to fit and it did! This crop top was the only item I purchased which wasn't in the sale, it cost £8 which to me is a tiny bit to much for the amount of material the top is made out of and the fact its a teenage size, normally teenage clothes are cheaper than adults. I had to get it though as I love anything lace, and the feel of the material is very soft. I will be pairing this top with some high waisted jeans.
Daisy top: This daisy top does not look flattering in the photo above but in person it looks a lot better. I have had my eye on this top for a while but as it was in the kids section I didn't pay much attention to it, but when I saw it was on sale today I had to try it on, it was only age 15 but IT FIT ME YEYYY! I love daisy prints on clothing so this was perfect for me. It is cropped so I will pair it with either a high waisted skater skirt or some high waisted jeans. This crop top only cost £3.50!!! That is the beauty of fitting into childrens clothes. My faveorite purchase of the day by far!
Studded converse trainers: I wasn't to keen on these trainers when I saw them but as they were only £7.50 I thought they might come in handy, once I tried them on I realised how pretty they actually were. Very comfy and cheap!!! They have these in black to but I didn't like the black pair at all. I would pair these trainers with jeans as they go with pretty much any colour.
A good kind of successful shopping trip!

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