Thursday, 2 January 2014

Thick eyebrows!

Hello girlies!
                      If you didn't know I am a big fan of thick, bushy eyebrows, Im so much of a fan that last year (2013) I decided to grow my eyebrows out completley and now my eyebrows are quite thick! I obviously pluck any loose hairs so I don't end up with a monobrow (that would be embarassing). So to show my love for big eyebrows I will show you some pictures which amaze me! I also love the way models get their eyebrows done for runways or photoshoots; adding on things such as studds, glitter, multiple colours etc.

One of my faveorite models ever is the incredible Cara Delevingne, her eyebrows always seem to amaze me and she always looks simply flawless.

Now for wacky yet amazing eyebrows..


For me catwalks/runway shows are all about showing off your creative designs and why not dress up the face as well as the body. The wackier the better for me as it shows your full of ideas and not affraid to push the boundaries of what beauty is.

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  1. These eyebrows are really horrible. Cara could have a nice face, because her eyes are beautiful, but with these eyebrows is simply a ugly girl.