Friday, 3 January 2014

Models Own | Lip Stix

Hey there!
          This morning I went to do the last big of christmas sale shopping. I had a £10 Boots gift card from christmas and I spent it today on a product ive been waiting to try for so long. And TA-DAAAA, I took this opportunity to buy not one but two of the Models Own Lip Stix which are basically chunky lip crayons, they cost £5 each which is a reasonable price.
 Here are some pics of the shades I chose and bought.

 I chose these shades as I don't tend to buy many pink lipsticks so I thought ide start off my collection of pink's now. Beauty Blush is such a pretty, barbie like pink and to me it would suit any skin tone. BUT I am such a big fan of purple lip products hence the reason why I bought this lovely lilac shade called Purple Pleasure, It applies a lot lighter than it looks, its almost a pink colour, infact in the picture below it looks very pink. I normally go for dark purples if I am choosing a lip product but im sure I can find ways to make it work!

I am obsessed with the texture of these stix, they are so smooth and mositurising, I have used a lot of lipsticks that have been very dry on my lips but these do the complete opposite. I normally apply a base before putting lipstick on such as a lip primer or vasaline to make the surface of my lips smoother for applying lipstick but I didn't have to do it with these.
I would deffinatly by more and may even try to get the whole collection as they are super cheap compared to other cosmetic brands.
Top swatch: Purple Pleasure
Bottom Swatch: Beauty Blush
when swatched these lipstix look very pigmented.

In Boots at the moment when you buy two or more products from the brand Models Own you get a FREE glitter kit worth £10!!! This made me very happy as I now have the chance to try out Models Own's nail polish which Ive hear a lot of positive things about.
Comment below if you have tried any other Models Own products that you would or even wouldn't recommend as I will be sure to shop with them again.



  1. just found your blog, so glad i have, I'm new at blogging too, those colours look lovely and i'd really like to try the purple colour so will have to keep and eye out for it next time I'm doing some shopping.

    x Becki x

  2. Hey Hun aw thankyou! Us newbies need to stick together, I will follow you :) and you should try the purple one, there cheap enough! Xx

  3. Love reading your blog! Seems we both have a love for the Lip Stix's I've only just started up a blog also xx

    1. Aww thankyou Hun that means a lot, follow and I'll follow you xx