Saturday, 11 January 2014

O.P.I Royals Collection Review

Hi girlies, Today I have an O.P.I nail polish review for you all. So when baby George was/Prince George was born there was a competition on twitter with Marie Claire magazine. There were sets of the O.P.I Royal collection nail polishes to give away, to enter you had to guess what the name of Kate and Wills baby would be before they announced it and thanks to my mums lucky guess I was one of the winners! I won these last year so I've had them a while but I love every one of them there such good quality, the only thing I hate about O.P.I is that the nail brush is so wide and its hard to paint your nails without going the polish going onto your skin. Anyways enough of that let me tell you what the names are incase you want to check them out as im pretty sure you can buy them seperatly.
The first nail polish (silver) is called BIRTHDAY BABE, I dont think this set is an official set, I feel they have just got the royal colours and put them together which I dont mind. I love this colour, its nothing special but its a colour that will go with pretty much anything.
The second nail polish (gold) is called GLITZERLAND which is a really glittery polish and you only need up to two coats if not just one.
The third nail polish (white) is called ALPINE SNOW. This is my favorite colour out of the set, the down side to this colour is that for me I have to do atleast three layers to get an even colour.
The forth nail polish (red) is called GOT THE BLUES FOR RED, this colour is so dark but in a good way, its a very nice red which is nothing like any other red polish I own. Its such a good polish if you wanted to spend a bit of money on a decent polish that will last and be of a good quality.
The last nail polish (blue) is called DATING A ROYAL. Its a very dark blue but so pretty, Its not my favorite colour as I dont tend to wear blue polish a lot but im getting use to it. Ive not used this one much but it is a really good quality polish for if you like blue.
I love all O.P.I nail polishes and I can't wait to try more out, im thankful that the people of Marie Claire gave me the chance to try these colours out and the brand for the first time. Im very impressed with the quality of them and the bottles are pretty big so you will get your moneys worth out of them.
Ide deffiantly recommend this brand to anyone!
Comment below what your opinions are on O.P.I and if you own any shades....


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