Thursday, 16 January 2014

collection 2000 | Gothic Glam Collection: Scorned

Hi! I have a tiny review for you all today about a lipstick I purchased this week. As some of you may know I only use cosmetic brands which are cruelty free/against animal testing and when I visit my local supermarket which is Morrisons the only brand they have that I can buy products from is Collection so I have started to buy their products.

I came across a collection from this brand which is called 'Gothic Glam' and its basically different makeup products that are dark colours but still are really pretty. I love purple lipstick so when I came across this one in particular I fell in love. The Gothic Glam lipsticks are only £2.99 although there are only 3 different shades for this collection but at £2.99 each you can't go wrong. Here is a picture of the lipstick I chose called 'Scorned'. I haven't tried this product out on my lips yet due to my lips being very dry so I will try it out when my lips are in better condition therefore I cannot give you much of a review on it, but I did swatch it and the colour is very pigmented.


For £2.99 I hope to collect the other two colours to also try out and review. If anyone has the other two shades share with me your opinions on them.

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