Thursday, 16 January 2014

Argan Oil | Negative Review

I received these three products for christmas and I was so excited to try them as Ive heard Agran Oil is incredible for hair! But I literally cannot think of anything worse to use on my hair now I have tried these products and I will never use these products again. Now these particular product are the cheap version as they value at £1 each, this could be the reason why there so rubbish but I realised that the better brands which have a Argan Oil collection are always so expensive for my liking especially if the product isn't going to work on my hair. The oil is worse than the shampoo and conditioner, i leaves my hair so greasy. Here are some pictures of how my hair looks after using these products.

My hair almost looks wet as its that greasy. Theres no point in using these products if I just have to wash my hair again straight after. I don't know whether its because the products are cheap but I have used very cheap hair products and they have been the better than the more high priced ones. I sometimes use the Morrisons value conditioner if my mum buys it as we have 5 heads to clean in our family so shampoo can get expensive, but it is the best conditioner I've ever used and you get alot of product for your money, this shows that it may not be the price making it rubbish, maybe im not using the products correctly.
This is the worst picture of the two, this is my natural hair colour and my hair is naturally greasy but never this bad.
I would be delighted to hear your opinions on which brands are the best and if anyone has tried this certain brand has it worked for you or not?
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  2. Did you try using the oil only on ur ends if the hair? This will avoid ur scalp from getting over oily

  3. No, I shall try that though. thankyou for the tip!