Thursday, 26 December 2013

Red/plum lip tutorial

I love doing dark lips in the winter and here is how I created my favourite dark lip look. This look is very simple although there are quite a few products involved, it's a super fast look to do so it would be great for if you don't have a lot of time to do your make up.
Products I used:
Elf plump and prime duo
Gosh long lasting lip marker in the shade 003 Berry
MUA matte lipstick in the shade Scarlett Siren 
elf Hypershine Gloss in the shade Joy
Elf long wear lip liner in Bitter 

How to create this looks:
1. Use the prime side of the elf plump and prime duo. This creates a light tone on your lips which will make the lip colour over the top of the primer more vibrant. 
2. Apply the Elf long wear lip liner around the lips, sometimes I apply the lip liner all over my lips which would also create an amazing look. 
3. I then went onto using the Gosh lip marker in Berry all over the lips. I wouldn't recommend this lip marker to many people as it is very dry and doesn't stand out very well although I use it if I am going for a more natural dark lip. 
4. I next used the MUA lipstick which in my opinion is a very dry lipstick it reminds me a lot of a play doe texture but other than that it applies great. This lipstick will go all over the lip, you can use a lip brush to be more accurate.
5. Apply a thin layer of the Elf hypershine lipgloss, I say thin because this gloss is very thick, unless you create a very shiny lip look then you may apply more but I only like the have a thin layer of gloss.

And your look is finished, I hope this was helpful and please feel free to ask for more tutorials. 


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