Sunday, 30 March 2014

DIY Soap Jars

Hey everyone. I wanted to share this great idea my mum came up with and as its mothers day it would make sense to show you a little DIY work from my crafty mother.
This is just a little tip to make something plain look pretty and elegant.
This is a neat little idea my mum thought of.
Basically we alway buy the fancy soaps with the patterns in from garden centres whenever we go, and my mum decided to cut up the soap bars into little chunks. She then got some jars from Dumelm Mill which only cost a few pounds, she then found some material and cut a circle out for each jar, making the circle double to size of the jar lid. She then attached the material over the jar by fastening them with a bobble (hense why I can never find any bobbles, thanks mum). To cover up the bobbles she applied some sequin lace around the bobble. All of the colours are light to create an elegant look, I must agree that the bobbles could be covered up a bit more and I didn't notice until the picture was uploaded so sorry for that.
I just thought ide share this with my wonderful blogging friends as a way of adding decoration on a budget. It only cost around £8 for the jars, material and sequin lace so try it out for yourself. I would love to see your DIY creations.

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