Friday, 28 March 2014

Hanger World Review

Hello bloggers, today I come to you with a review from a company called Hangerworld who were kind enough to send me some amazing products to try out! They didn't fail to impress me. Before I start I will give you some contact details for if you would like to get in touch with the wonderful people of Hangerworld.
Telephone No: 01253 600633
First of all I will start off with a product which is pretty popular at Hanger World which is a Natural Moth Repellent Hanging Cedar Wood Block which is part of their Cedar Wood range.
The good thing about the hanging block I received is that you just hang it in your wardrobe like a coat hanger and it is small and thin so it doesn't take up much room. These wood blocks do smell a bit nasty but nothing to strong that will smell your wardrobe or clothes out.
They are available in packs of 2,4 and 6 and prices range depending what pack you choose so be sure to check out their website for prices!

The next product is amazing and I would recommend these to so many people, this Over The Door Storage Hanger is ideal for someone who is in need of some extra storage space. The sort of items I store in mine are slipper and flat shoes in the first 8 long pockets and in the middle I haven't filled them yet, as for the bottom one I stored my hats, gloves and scarves in there but you can pretty much put whatever you want in there baring in mind that the material isn't very strong I would only recommend light items. I live in a bungalow and share a room with my younger sister and finding storage space is near enough impossible for me as our room isn't very big, however these storage hangers are so handy and don't take up much room. These come in two colours: Pink and Blue and come with three hangers which easily sit on the top of your door (NO NEED FOR DRILLING HOLES).
This over door hanger cost £9.95 which is a bargain considering how long it will last and how much space you will save, plus the pink one looks stunning in a girls room at any age.

Next onto another product I am very impressed with, this is the Red Floral Design Padded Top Hanger which I saw and immediately wanted to proudly put in my wardrobe. I absolutely love this hanger its so feminine and looks incredible in my wardrobe as it would in anyone elses. As you can see from the second picture this red floral hanger stands out so much, especially due to the red hanger. This coat hanger really reminds me of a Cath Kidston print due to the small floral prints, I think the white goes so well with the vibrant red and if I could I would have tons of the same hanger. This hanger is just perfect for adding some colour to your wardrobe and is padded so it has an extra strong hold.
This product is available in quantities of 1,3 and 6 and again range at different prices.

Next I got two household products which come in handy very much! My family is a family of five with four cats, two dogs, a rabbit, a hamster and a budgie; therefore we get hairy pretty fast. My family have tried so many different lint rollers before and we are currently looking for one which will last long, be effective and be at a reasonable price. I spotted this Jumbo (20 Metre) Lint Roller and I thought that I could get one to try and obviously let the whole family try it out. My mum and dad were so impressed with the amount of lint paper that was on this one, never have we ever come across such a JUMBOOOOO sized lint roller, and your probably thinking 'whats the biggie? Its just a lint roller'. If you understood how many hairs we get on our clothes, furniture and bed each day you would be dying for one of these! Works brilliant and does its job, THUMBS UP!

Lastly PEGSSSSSSSSSSS. My mum has a slight addiction to pegs and to be honest she has to have a big supply of them due to the fact she washes for five people. My mum has come across some crap (pardon my language) pegs before that snaps in days of purchasing them but these Plastic Clothes Pegs seem to work miles better, the grip on them is insane and I love the range of bright colours which make your washing look a tad bit happier.
Overall I had a very positive experience from this company, so be sure to check there website out for good quality storage products at reasonable prices. I would also like to thank Hanger World for helping me make this post possible and sending me such wonderful products which will come in handy for so long.

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