Thursday, 3 April 2014

How I got blonde ombre hair!

Good afternoon girls, I am very glad to announce that I am getting better after being ill for three weeks however I'm still not 100% myself so I have turned to my blog to cheer me up!
Today's topic will be on my hair..
A lot of people whether its online or in person ask me how I got my hair the way it is now which is like this..
And the simple answer is nothing. If I were to ask anyone what style my hair is colour wise they would say ombre, which is correct to an extent.
Two years ago I bleached my hair from bright red to blonde and trust me when I say I would not recommend bleaching your hair and then going over it with a blonde dye straight after as it WILL make your hair so dry and unhealthy. Luckily enough for me the blonde turned out fine but after a while I got bored of it and I decided to grow it out, which is where the ombre part comes in. I have been growing my blonde out for over two years now and at first it looked a hot mess but now its grown out so much it just looks like I have added the blonde ombre effect to the bottom. So when people ask me who did your hair this is what I have to explain. So do you have blonde hair your bored of? Then give this a go, I did not grow my hair out with the intention of it looking ombre but it just seemed to work with me (AND I DIDN'T PAY A PENNY TO GET THIS LOOK).
I will continue to let it grow as I will be sad to see my blonde be cut off but once my hair is long enough I will be saying goodbye to the blonde so for the meantime I am embarrassing it.
Has anyone else had this experience, If so let me know.
Thanks for reading and happy hair day!


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous, way better than some of the box dyes I've seen people use to get this look. Never would have guess that it turns out like that when your dye grows out though! Do you notice any difference in how healthy your roots are compared to the ends? x

    1. Thank you very much and yes my roots are so much greasier compared to my ends which sucks but I'm guessing it's because my roots is where my natural colour is and I have greasy hair which is horrible as I have to wash my hair so much!