Sunday, 6 April 2014

Coldpress Drinks | No cooking = Pure taste

Hey there! How is everyone's weekend going? Mine was made even better when I received a parcel full of yummy and HEALTHY ColdPress drinks to try out, I have seen their drinks and smoothies in Tesco not so long ago and noticed the beautiful, very modern packaging design of the bottles. I hadn't had the chance to try any of these drinks until the ColdPress company were very generous as to send me some miniatures to try out for myself!
So before I get into the review here is a bit about the products and what they include:
These drinks are made from 100% fruit and don't include any of the nasty and unhealthy ingredients which make those 'drink me im healthy' drinks not so healthy. A lot of fruit juices and smoothies are made to look like they are the healthiest juices around when infact if you look at the ingredients they contain other fatty ingredients which in some cases are added to make the taste better. These drinks however are completely true to their words. 
So your probably wondering how the hell do you make a drink which is 100% fruit, well here's your answer..
For more information you can check out their website which has lots of useful facts, by clicking HERE
You can also follow them on twitter @ColdpressJuices

Now onto my opinions..

1. Pink lady apple | This drink was my favourite of the four, I love apple juice but sometimes apple juice can be wayyyyy to sweet but this one however was just about right for me, you could really taste the apple flavour and the first taste of this was delicious especially when served cold. Defiantly the best apple juice I've tried by far and the most healthiest. This drink contains the juices of three apples but only counts as one of your five a day.
2. Strawberry and banana smoothie | I'm not going to lie when I say that I really didn't like this one. I'm very fussy when it comes to textures of food and drinks so when I tried this it was far to thick for me, it had a really nice taste to it but I couldn't get past the thickness of it, but then again it is a smoothie so that's what I would have expected. On the other hand my sister absolutely loved this one and was her favourite, so much that she finished the bottle, she loved the texture and the fact it was sweet but not to sour therefore I believe people will have different opinions on this depending on whether they like thick drinks. This smoothie contains two of your five a day!
3. Braeburn apple | My opinion on this drink was that it was a nice enough taste but it was a very strong taste therefore I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't like strong tastes, I like more sweet tastes whereas this one was a bit to sour for my liking. My mother loved this drink though and said it was her favourite out of the four. This drink contains juices of three apples and is one of your five a day, woo!
4. Raspberry, pear and apple smoothie | Lastly this smoothie would probably have to be my second favourite out of the four, I really liked the texture of this as after trying the strawberry and banana smoothie I didn't have much hope for this one but this smoothie has a whole different texture, it could almost be classed as thick but only just.  I liked that it was strong but sweet therefore I got over the strong part of it and the three fruits together made such a beautiful taste once in your mouth, its such a good combination of fruit to put into a drink. This smoothie contains two of your five a day.

Altogether I was very impressed with these drinks and will without a doubt be purchasing them whenever I come across them. I would be very interested to try the other flavours out so I look forward to discovering them. I can truly say the whole family enjoyed these drinks therefore you should defiantly give them a try!
So next time your in the supermarket go with ColdPress and choose the healthy option!

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