Friday, 11 April 2014

Dirty Looks Wrap Around ponytail | Review

Hey girls, so today I have a brilliant review coming up on my Dirty Looks wrap around ponytail which I have been fortunate to try out. Before I say anything else I would like to add a link to the website I got this product from for you viewers to check out:


So I was sent a wrap around ponytail to try out and yes some people might look at it as being lazy but infact it takes longer to put this in than to do a normal ponytail, I would say this ponytail would be used for going out, special occasions where you want to look your best etc.. but you can also wear this on a normal day and it wouldn't look to dramatic. 

Before I get onto the review here is a few pictures of what my wrap around ponytail looks like:




The colour I got was toasted highlights as I have ombre hair which is blonde on the ends therefore I needed a colour to blend both my natural mouses brown colour and blonde ombre ends together. 
As you can tell from the name of the colour it is a highlighted shade which consists of browns and blondes in all different tones. This colour works perfectly with my hair as I was recommended by the stylist at dirty looks to go go for this shade (I had no idea what colour to go for) and by sending them a picture they got the colour correct. There are so many shades to choose from and you can be sure to find a shade for you. 

This wrap around ponytail is great because you can style it whichever way you want by using accessories, heat tools and bobbles, but the more heat you use on the hair the shorter they will last and if you do use heat it is advised to use a heat spray or serum. 

How easy is it to apply?
At first I did find the ponytail hard to apply but as most things take time to get use to I was patient with myself and eventually got it right. There is a velcro strap at the top which wraps around the top of the ponytail where your bobble would normally go and on the end of the velcro is a strand of hair which is then wrapped around to hide the velcro (CONFUSED YET)? After this all you need to do is secure the strand of hair with a bobby pin and try to cover up the velcro, you can use hairspray to secure more tightly if nessecary, then that's it your beautiful ponytail will be in place! 


I am very impressed with this ponytail which values at £49.99 (was £59.99). Deffinatly give this brand a look at and you can also email them (contact info on website) for any enquiries and they can also find your colour match. 

I hope this post was useful for you girls looking to add some length to your hair! 

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