Friday, 11 April 2014

Fashion Icon Friday | Phoebe Lettice

Today's post is dedicated to the most fabulous woman on television, The one and only Phoebe Lettice.  For those who don't know her she is an ex cast member from the British programme Made In Chelsea and her fashion sense and attitude is incredible.

The main reason I chose her as my fashion icon is because of her unique look which I admire as there's a lot of girls out there who only dress as others dress so they don't stand out which at one time was me, however discovering my passion for fashion I realised that it shouldn't matter how you dress to others as your the one wearing the clothes not them, it takes balls to dress how you want to. 
Phoebe Lettice dresses completely for herself and doesn't care how others look at her as long as she's happy. 

The amazing thing is that she is rumoured to be looking into making her own clothes range for topshop   which would make me very happy! 

This was a short post so here is a few pictures of her to show you how unique she really is. 


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