Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pravera.co.uk | Organii skincare range review

Hello girls, I have a mini review for you about a company I came across a few months ago called pravera and they are a company who sell cruelty free cosmetic products and skincare products, they have different company's in which they sell their products such as beneco's and lavera but they have their own range of skincare products called Organii, as you can tell by the name they sell organic products.

As I am a massive lover of anything cruelty free I had to try some of their products out and they were kind enough to send me two of their products..


I tried out the liquid soap in the fragrance rose. The smell is really nice, however for me the smell is abit to strong for my liking but my sister loved the smell and she can't stop using it! I adore the packaging it's such a simple design yet effective. This soap leaves your hands so soft, I only use it on my hands but it can also be used on your body as a bodywash. The size of the bottle is quite big and it should last a long time so you would be getting a lot of product for the money you pay which is £4.45.

This is the second product I tried which was a cream soap in the fragrance lime tree blossom, this came in such a cute box and smelt amazing even before I took the soap out of the box. This soap wasn't named 'cream soap' for no reason, it literally is so creamy when on your skin and leaves your skin looking so fresh. The great thing about this soap is that it is cruelty free and only cost £2.65. 

Altogether I really like these products and would suggest others to try this brand out. They also have a new product which is shower gel. Here is a link to there website to check out there awesome organic and cruelty free products: http://www.pravera.co.uk/organii-everyday-organics
And to check out the website in general: http://www.pravera.co.uk

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