Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Di Palomo | White Grape with Aloe

Hi there, its been a while. I have a review for you on two products from a company I came across called Di Palomo ( who create divine fragrances which are added to products such as: lip balm, soap and body care products. This company use fragrances inspired by Italy, made in England.
I got to choose the fragrance I wanted to try and I chose White Grape with Aloe which is the best decision I could have made as the scent is absolutely beautiful and calming. The scent is fruity and not too strong to the point of it being too much. I have two products to talk about which are:

Body mist oil
Lip Balm with shea butter
Body mist: This is such a good product, I'm not normally a fan of body sprays which leave a wet finish but with this one it is a liquid however once rubbed into the skin you can't feel it and another positive is that it doesn't leave a sticky finish which I also hate. The smell is perfect, you can really smell the grape which is a very soft scent and smells amazing once on your skin, I'm sure with this body mist you will get a lot of compliments by people who walk past and get a whiff!
Lip balm: Lip balm is one of my must have beauty products, I have the worst lips you will ever see as I have a disgusting habit where I pick at the skin on my lips, as disgusting as it sounds its true and its very embarrassing to tell one person let alone the internet so please don't leave mean comments! So when I opened the box and saw a lip balm inside I was so happy. This lip balm is 'the bomb', you get a lot of the product so it should last a while and the texture is dreamy! The smell again is divine and smells almost good enough to eat (very tempting when on your lips ;-)). As well as it being a soft texture it also leaves a glossy effect, not too glossy but just the right amount so that if your lips are dry this lip balm will hide that!
I hope people read this and have been tempted to take a look at their products, there are other scents which all sound just as good as the one I have tried. If you have tried a Di Palomo product and have an opinion on their products let me know, or let me know which product you would like to try!
Thank you for reading.

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