Friday, 27 June 2014

NSPA Massage & Body Oil | Review

Happy Friday everyone, Its finally the weekend! Time to relax and put your hard working feet up, which is why I am doing a review on a product which may just help you to relax that little bit easier. Today's products is a Massage & Body oil by a brand I am getting quite fond of, called 'nspa'. I first tried the nspa hand held massager which is a marvellous tool to use. I then purchased the ultimate cleansing tonic which I now use on a daily basis instead of face wipes as it removes makeup as well as cleansing your skin. I admire this cleanser for two reasons: 1. Its cheaper to use, with face wipes you have to buy another pack within approximately a few weeks depending on how often you use them and 2. It leaves my face feeling fresh!
Every product from the nspa range are so affordable and I'm not one to spend hundreds of pounds on beauty or body products, so I can genuinely say I have found a brand which I will stick with for a long time due to every product I've tried being spot on and doing the job it says its suppose to do!
Here is a picture of all the products I own from nspa, although its not a lot I am quite new to this brand so I hope to be able to try out more products as time goes on.
Out of all three products my favourite is the ultimate cleansing tonic as I get so much use out of it and although it is a liquid it doesn't feel to thick or oily when on my skin.
Now onto the main product which is very new, the Massage & Body oil.

When I purchased this product I had every right to get a decent massage from my younger sister and no I didn't bribe her! After my massage I had to return the favour and massage her back, so altogether we both won! Anyway, moving on.. I didn't believe that this product would warm up once in the palm of your hands and I must admit it took a few tries to create the warm effect but in the end we did it and the oil did turn warm and felt incredible on my back. The oil is quite thick but once you rub the oil in between the palm of your hands it feels less thick. One thing I don't like which isn't much of a problem is when your done using the massage oil your hands will feel mega greasy which I expected as its oil, but once you have given your hands a good wash they will feel fine again.
One reason I am a big fan of this massage oil from the massagers point of view is that it makes it easier to massage the skin as the skin is no longer dry, leaving a mild slippery effect.
One last advantage of this brand is that they are.... CRUELTY FREE, therefore there products are NOT tested on animals which is great to hear for a vegetarian & animal lover like myself.
I would rate this product a 8/10 and the brand over all a 10/10.
To check out these products yourself head to their website by clicking HERE
Thank you for reading, have a great weekend!

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