Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Excel clothing wish list

Hey there, today I come to you with a wish list post as I have been on a website called Excel a Clothing and here is a link to the website: http://www.excelclothing.com

I realised that this company sell everything from clothing to jewellery and have a huge variety of brands and designers to choose from. The prices are very reasonable to say there's some high end brands on their website. As I love the look of everything on this website here are my top three products I wish I could own!


First up is this Michael Korr's handbag which is utterly stunning, the colour and the style of this bag adds a touch of elegance and femininity to whatever you style this bag with! I admire Michael Korr's and everything he designs because he seems to know exactly what girls and women nowadays like when it comes to fashion. When I'm shopping for a handbag whether it's a clutch, over the body bag or tote bag I always go for something that's a bit more unique and this bag is defiantly on the unique side. 

Want to purchase this bag or just check it out, HERE is the link: 


Now this dress I know would look AMAZING for summer, I can imagine walking along the beach in this and people turning heads because it's so lovely and the colours add a sense of happiness. One advantage of this dress is that you can tie it around the waist to create a more slim fitting look or not use the tie which will create more of a baggy effect. This dress is a little pricey but if I were to treat myself to a nice dress I would go for this.

Want to see how much this dress cost, then click HERE

And last but deffinatly not least is this Michael Korr's watch which I can't stress enough about how long I've wanted to own a MK watch and I hope one day this wish will come true, but for now I will keep it on my wish list! These watches can be pricey but I think there amazing to buy as a present. 
I prefer the gold Michael Korr's watches to the silver however sometimes the gold ones look a tad bit tacky but I'm sure if I was in the mindset of choosing one I would be in love with them all.

Want to have a look at the other Michael Korr's watches on the Excel clothing website, use the link HERE
I would recommend this website to anyone, they do both male and female clothing, jewellery, bags etc. 
Have a look around and let me know what you think. 

Thanks for reading and have a good week.

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