Thursday, 12 June 2014

Kérastase ELIXIR ULTIME with Imperial Tea for Colour-treated Hair | Oil

Hey everyone! I am having a chilled night as tomorrow I sit my final exam of the year and the stress is driving me crazy, so to take my mind off it I am going to do a review on a product I received from the hairdressing company Terence Paul.

Before I go into detail here is a link to the product if anyone wishes to purchase it:

This hair oil by Kérastase is amazing and the bottle design, even the box it came is so pretty. This oil ranges as around £25 depending on where you buy it which at first I thought was pricey but once I gave it a shot I realised why people would pay so much for a bottle of hair oil.
The directions on the box says to apply 1 to 2 pumps of this 'luxury' oil into wet or dry hair, I haven't tried it on dry hair because due to my hair being naturally greasy I feel it would add a lot of grease to my hair but I will give it a go sometime soon. I didn't apply the oil to my roots as that's where my hair tends to be the greasiest when I apply to much product. I cannot get over how nice this stuff smells, when its in my hair I get whiffs of the oil which smells like a soft floral scent with hints of fruitiness.
shiny, divine smelling and frizz-free hair!
Here is a before and after picture of my hair, the first picture is before I hopped in the shower therefore my hair not being washed for two days and then the results when I've added the oil, blow dried my hair and straightened it.

By trying this Kérastase hair oil it will make me think more about high end hair products now and how more pricier products could actually lead to better results. I would also defiantly recommend this brand to anyone!
I got this fantastic oil from Terence Paul and if you want to check out there website click HERE
Thank you for reading and as its Friday tomorrow I hope you all have a great weekend!

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