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Beefayre | Review Ft. Mum!

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Today's post is based on a brand called Beefayre, they are a company who specialise in home ware, bath and body care, candles, health products and cards. They are a gift company meaning you can purchase any of their items to give out as gifts (or you may treat yourself) similar to as if you were to go into a gift shop, but online!
I had the opportunity to try out three products from therefore I have some positive feedback for you to have a read about. I respect this brand a great deal as I think having a website just for gift ideas and products is extremely helpful for people, reason being that sometimes I find that my mum and I have to travel a long distance to get to a decent gift shop which is normally in a garden centre. When my mum & I visit a garden centre for a gift we normally end up leaving with one or two products meaning we had travelled a far distance for something small, where as with Beefayre you have everything under one roof website.

Here is some basic information about Beefayre:
Beefayre products are made in England and use natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. There are no petroleum ingredients, sulphates, artificial colours or foaming agents.

'Our aim is to promote health and happiness with our products while also informing a wider public about the plight of the honeybee'. - Quote from the Beefayre website.

Beefayre donates 3% of its profits to bee conservation and research.

Reed diffuser | Meadowsweet & Comfrey (Yellow box)
My opinion:
The meadowsweet & comfrey diffuser was my favourite product of all three, even though they were all wonderful! I could see just by observing the eye catching packaging that the people that work with Beefayre on these products have such a humongous passion for what they do, helping out with one of the most important social insects of nature (bee's) and putting a smile on peoples faces by creating such luxurious products. I had never before heard of the fragrance meadowsweet & comfrey but now I know what the scent smells like I would be intrigued to learn more about the scent of this diffuser, therefore I will most defiantly do my research! The scent lingered throughout the hall way creating an exquisite smell when walking into the house after a morning walk.
Mums opinion:
Really love this product. As soon as I assembled the reeds into the fragrance oil, the scent started to work its magic throughout the hallway and very softly into each other room of our bungalow with perfection.
On a more personal note, my grandmother passed away a number of years ago and I still miss her everyday. She was a big part of my life in my childhood as I was hers in hers, so you can understand that I have some very special memories of the amazing, simple, carefree times we had together. Somehow the scent of this diffuser reminds me of her and I can only put it down to the wonderful similar fragrances that were around her house...the fields in the background, the beautiful flowers in the garden(swaying in the breeze when the weather seemed to be sunny and bright every day), the delicate smell of her perfumed wrists when we hugged each other and not forgetting the endless walks we used to go on in the fields and along the canal. It brings all this back to me, as if it was yesterday and I love that feeling! Making me warm and cosy inside and having the sense that she is still with me. All this has made me realise what power the sense of smell has on our lives and how important it is that bees should be able to continue to do their job in large numbers. I was always terrified of bees as a youngster, swarming around and I was convinced they were after me as every child probably is today. It was only the other day that I sat and watched a very busy bee doing its  fine work collecting from the lavender in one of the tubs in my garden. I had not appreciated until this moment how beautiful a bee actually is and how incredibly hard working they are.
Scented tea lights | Rhubarb and Raspberry (Lilac box)
My opinion:
First things first... Wow! The smell of the Rhubarb and Raspberry came though before I even opened up the box which contained the tea lights, the smell was empowering but in a very positive way. The packaging as always was beyond pretty, reminding me of the countryside which I live in, never normally would I call something with a bee displayed on pretty as I normally run for the hills as soon as I spot one, however after reading about this company and what they do it has made me realise how important bee's are and that they are not as unpleasant as I think. Moving onto the actual product, the tea lights come in a glass dish therefore you don't have to find your own tea light holder for them which is a big help and saves money. I am sometimes fussy when it comes to smelling candles and if a candle scent is to strong and not my cup of tea, I mostly always get a headache from it but these tea lights are just my sort of scent I would look for in a candle. Very impressed and a super cute touch to my dressing table.
Mums opinion
I've got to say that these are my favourite tea lights ever and I've tried a few. I could smell the fruity flavours as soon as my daughter took the items from the package. Rather than put a match to these, I imagined just for a moment, that it would have been more fitting to warm up a lovely tin of thick, creamy custard, or better still, make my own, then to pour it over rhubarb and raspberries(the latter being my all time favourite fruit) and eat the whole lot, not sharing with anyone!
I am very impressed at how accurate the scent hits my senses and I will certainly spread the word of this magnificent product to all who know me.
Organic Soap | Orange & Jasmine (Orange box)
My opinion:
I have to be honest when I say this is my least favourite product, its nothing against the company, its the fact the scent wasn't something I would usually go for. The description of Orange & Jasmine sounded fantastic but once my nose found the fragrance, it was too much floral for me and not enough fruit, as that's what I tend to go for. I do normally like fruity scents but I think the Jasmine is what made the scent too strong, however when its applied to your body the scent isn't as strong as it first smells. I use this organic soap on my body only, as if I applied it to my face the scent would be too strong for me to frequently use which is a good job as my mum has already claimed it! I knew when I saw this soap in its packaging that it would be a high quality product and good quality too, not just your average bar of soap. This would not deter me from buying this product as I would be intrigued to try the other scents of soap they have to offer.
Mums opinion:
This soap is great. I love the package design - It's attractive to buy as a gift for someone as it is only small but looks of excellent quality - an important factor in my opinion, when buying for someone special.
The scent is subtle and not too overpowering for me, with not too much orange, but more jasmine coming through. It feels smooth and almost waxy when applied to wet skin and presents a luxurious creamy, not foamy lather. Although this soap does cost more than a regular bar, I would certainly be happy to pay the price of £4.50 for it, as I am a firm believer that sometimes quality is more important than quantity, especially when a treat is in order! This would not be too much for me to pay as it is well hidden from the rest of the family because its mine, all mine! My three children are teens and adults now, so a little bit of 'me time' is a well deserved necessity and a treat - Thank you for being a part of that and thank you to the bees too!
My mum & I received a lovely letter from Beefayre and we realised that the card sent to us can actually be purchased on their website along with many other designs, we loved the letter you sent us and the card design is stunning (just my mum's cup of tea)! It would only be fair to show a picture of the card we were sent. If you like the look of this design please take a look at the other designs they have to offer over on their website.
Me and my mum had great fun writing this post for an amazing company and we would like to say a huge thank you for introducing your wondrous products to us. Just from this review we both now see bee's as a very precious commodity and we will spend more time in the future watching them and will enjoy researching and learning more about them.
Thank you for reading!

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