Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Nourish Starter Kit | Combination

Hi there, today I have a review for you all on a brand which I am pretty new to called Nourish, they are a skincare brand which specialise in products dedicated to a variety of skin types which you can choose from, I went for combination skin as I have oily skin at times but in cold weather it can be dry on areas such as my cheeks, nose and forehead. One thing that stood out to me with this brand is that they are a vegan brand, I am a vegetarian and love to support cruelty free/ vegan brands.
As I got the combination skin type kit the fragrance for this was apple, I was so happy to discover this due to me being such a big fan of fruity scents, after trying this out for the first time the fragrance was almost good enough to want to eat, although I wouldn't recommend it!
Here is some of information about the combination skin kit I have been trying out:
  • The organic apple extract, vitamins and minerals in the balance range help regulate the production of sebum which is an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands in mammalian skin.
  • The balance nutritious peptide serum has been clinically shown to give an 80% increase in skin hydration instantly! WOW.
 Onto the individual products, here are my thoughts:

Detoxifying Cleanser

This is the first product you use as you are suppose to use them in order as instructed on the label of each bottle. This cleanser is splendid, you apply it with a cotton wool pad by gently sweeping the  pad over your face and then washing off after with cool water. One thing I must point out is that the pump on this bottle is very stiff, the pump goes down very quickly and its been a few times that the product has flown across the room instead of onto the pad so you need to hold the pump close to the cotton wool pad, its nothing to big of a deal and I don't know if it was just the bottle I had but I do expect the pump to work well as all the others did. As for the actual cleanser itself the fragrance is insane, I love the smell of it when on my face and it leaves a smooth finish. I would give this product a rating of 6/10.
97% Organic
Refining Toning Mist

Out of all the products this would be the product I would mostly recommend. I use this on a daily basis as a way of refreshing my face in a morning. This toning mist is said to 'leave skin refreshed' and it does just that! You apply the toning mist twice a day and then apply one of the two products below to moisturise the skin, however I feel that you could use this product on its own for example on a hot day if the weather is making your skin feel oily, this would refresh your skin for the day! I don't have a bad thing to say about this product.
97% Organic

Essential Moisturiser

I am really fond of this product due to its lightness when applied to my face, previous moisturisers I've tested out have been to thick or sticky, making my skin feel disgusting! This moisturiser however is a completely different story, feeling light on my skin and giving a refreshed finish. You only need 1-2 pea sized amounts to cover the whole face, a little goes a long way! I only have a mini travel sized pot of this moisturiser but I know it will last me a long time as I only need a small amount per day. I would defiantly recommend this moisturiser to anyone with dry skin like me as it has done my skin wonders and I've only been testing it out for two weeks so I will keep using it until its all gone and hopefully it will do some good for my skin!
89% Organic
Nutritious Peptide Serum
Last but defiantly not least is the Nutritious Peptide Serum, as this is a serum the texture is different to the moisturiser and although I am impressed with the moisturiser, I prefer the way the serum feels on my face plus it is easier to blend in. Very impressive product and you will get a lot of use out of this mini serum.
80% Organic
I was very impressed with this mini skin kit and would recommend it to anyone! If you have 'combination skin' (which to me is oily skin in summer and dry skin in winter) then give this kit a go! Or you could try the full sized products which I am sure to do when I have used up my Mini's!
I hope you enjoyed this post.
Thank you for reading :-)


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