Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Frank* bars

Hi there, todays discussion is relating to the topic of food! As I am known to be a beauty and fashion blogger, I do tend to do the odd posts where I go off topic, therefore I am thinking of changing my beauty and fashion status and widening my blog so that I can write more about food and my vegetarian diet as well as writing about two of my passions, beauty and fashion! The reason I made this decision is because I don't want people commenting on how I don't stick to my blog topics, therefore I hope you all agree with my decision and support me with it!

Anyway onto the actual post.. I have been trying something called Frank* bars, and before I go any further here is a bit of information as to what Frank* bars are:

Frank* bars are made with 100% natural ingredients, such as; Wholegrain oats, dates & dried plums, and topped with a delicious dairy free coconut cream chocolate, all that good stuff!

An important factor to me personally is that Frank* bar's are vegan, I am indeed a vegetarian and I am constantly checking wrappers and packets for the vegetarian or vegan logo, and these bars make it very clear that they are vegan.

Frank* bar's also contain ENERGYSMART which is a patented, all natural combination of carbohydrates from select fruits (apple, grape and pear) plus specially developed natural dextrin's from grain which together provide longer lasting energy.

These are the flavours I got to try out:
  • Oat & Chocolate
  • Double Chocolate
  • Strawberry & Chocolate
  • Orange & Chocolate
  • Blueberry & Chocolate
As nice as each bar was my favourite would have to be the Orange & Chocolate, I am a sucker for anything which is chocolate orange flavour and this bar proved my point! When I saw these bars for the first time I thought they would be like any other snack bar, full of oats and cereals, covered in chocolate but these are totally different and something unique to try!
My least favourite bar would have to be the Blueberry & Chocolate simply because of the fact that I hate blueberries so the taste wasn't something I would usually go for! However my mum did like this bar as she likes blueberries, therefore everyone will have there own opinion on each of these bars!
I found that these bars went very quickly in my house as I have a family of 5 (Including me) and everyone was eager to taste them, you have to be quick in my family before all the food goes, yes we are greedy at times!
Altogether I think these bars are great for snacking healthily, these would go perfectly in a lunch box, for work, going to the gym to give you a boost before the work out or simply to just snack on when you fancy! I would recommend any vegan or vegetarian like myself to try these as sometimes because of my poor diet (Yes I am a fussy eater) I can be feeling drowsy some days and a bit lifeless, so these would really help people in a similar situation to me just to give you some energy to be able to get on with your day! I am a massive junk food lover and anything that tastes like chocolate is just for me, so when I found out these were chocolate flavour but full of goodness I was happy to try them out as I would get the taste of chocolate but be eating something healthy for once!
Try these out yourself by clicking here to be taken to their website.
They also have a twitter page, so feel free to get in touch with them via twitter if you wish.
I hope a lot of you found this post useful, have a great day & stay healthy!

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