Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Wax Lyrical | Candles Ft. Mum!

Hello everyone! Today I have a candle review, I am once again joined by my mum who will be sharing her views on these wonderful products we have been trying out.
We have been lucky enough to get our hands on two products which we are raving about! They are candles (and big ones to)!
The company I will be discussing today is called Wax Lyrical and before I go into detail on the review here is there website for you to check out:
At the moment they have free delivery on orders over £40 so be sure to take a browse and see if you take a liking to anything, its pretty hard not to!

Now onto the review, my mum & I will both take our turn to tell you our opinions on these two candles and hopefully this will help you decide on whether to check out Wax Lyrical, which I hope you do. You will have a review from a younger persons point of view and a mothers point of view, so I hope you enjoy!

New England
'This candle features the exquisite New England design by Julie Dodsworth.
New England was our first family holiday together as four grown ups.  Zesty citrus notes remind me of the fresh, bold colours and simplicity of a wonderful trip by the ocean.  Relaxing lavender and soothing chamomile are blended with exotic jasmine and supported on a base of precious woods and plum, bringing back blissful holiday memory' - Quote from the Wax Lyrical website.

My opinion:
I really enjoyed finding out the meaning behind this candle as it was so personal to the family behind this company, resembling a memory to a scent is something I feel everyone can relate to, an example for me would be that the smell and taste of Dr. Pepper reminds me of my Great Grandma as every time we went to visit her she would always have a stash of them in her cupboard for when we went around to play, that is a scent that will always make me think of her, this is why I find the idea of having a story behind the scent of a candle so special, and the thought of sharing that scent and story with the world is incredible!
The smell I must admit isn't my favourite out of the two candles, yet it is a simple smell which isn't to strong and lingers around the rooms creating a nice scent. I loved the design of the box and to me packaging is important as it sells the product better than it would if the candle was in a plain white box.
The pattern mainly consists of white and blue, with tints of red, this reminds me of the traditional English colours and also the colours on our flag, whether this was the intention I don't know, either way it creates a stunning look and very eye catching for any customers.

This candle costs £20.00 on the Wax Lyrical website, which could be classed as very expensive, however once you see the size of the candle yourself you will realise that the candle is probably the same as four or five tea lights, therefore your getting a lot of use out of the candle and also have it placed in a elegant jar to add that little extra bit of glam to your living room!

Mums opinion:
I adore this candle. The box presentation box made me feel like I was getting something extra special. The packaging is as important to me as the product itself! Then there's the candle. The pot is simple but elegant too with the pretty decor taken from the box which I love. The scent is harmonious and very peacefully relaxing to me and will last for ages as I enjoy lighting them every evening just for an hour or two. This will be taking pride of place in my bedroom where I can relax with a cup of tea, a good book and look forward to some 'me time' with my little pot of luxury.

 Mums opinion:

Lemon Verbena Candle
My opinion:
I really didn't think that I would enjoy the smell of this candle, however I was proved wrong, I am hardly ever a fan of lemon fragrances, but this smell is something to tell everyone about. What I expected from this candle was a tangy lemon smell which was so strong it would give me a headache, but once it was lit the scent was SO soft and light, leaving me very impressed! The jar it comes in is beautiful, creating a high quality look to the candle.
This candle costs £10.00 which is amazing value for the size of the candle, plus your getting a free jar for it which you can use again if you wish!
Mums opinion:
If I am correct, this is an outdoor candle, but I thought its a shame to put outside, So I put it in the kitchen to try out. I usually have a candle lit in an evening after the last meal as a rule. After thirty minutes I usually start getting the aroma but I didn't with this particular candle, unless I wafted my nose over the top which isn't really the idea.
I then decided to use it outdoors and it worked its magic perfectly, and quickly. The lemon scent was very dreamy as it had a delicate creamy lemon fragrance coming through, like a cheesecake, (instead of a very strong washing up detergent), which is what I had hoped for.
I am very much looking forward to many more lemon cheesecake hours of pleasure without actually eating one and piling on the pounds too!
My mum and I really enjoyed trying out these candles, so thank you to Wax Lyrical for making this possible. We hope you enjoy reading through this review and out thoughts.

Have a great week!
Olivia & Vicky.



  1. The first candle looks so luxiurois and bordering on jo malone quality. The packaging is so pretty too, i reckon this would make a lovely gift for someone be it a mum or not! lovely post, i hadn't heard of these before! x

    1. I have heard of Jo Malone, will have to give them a look at. This would make a perfect gift, your right! Thank you for your kind comments! x