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Free From Frizz: 6 Week Blow Out Kit | Thick/Coarse Hair

Hello again, Two posts in one day, I'm on a roll!
I have a kit I want to talk about, I had heard of the brand 'Free From Frizz' before and was so eager to try there 6 week blow out kit out, and funnily enough, God must have been looking down on me that day because I in fact won the kit I wanted to try!
Therefore I have been very lucky to be able to try out this kit, and boy is it amazing, there are a mixture of pros and cons but more pros, so please read on and see what I had to say..

This is what everything looks like, as you can see the packaging is very pretty and fun!
First off, you use the blow out kit, which comes in this cute, milk carton-looking box and then once you have used that you can not wash your hair for 48 hours due to the product setting in your hair. After the 48 hours you can use the shampoo and conditioner as normal, for me I use it every 2-3 days.
What I thought of the blow out kit:
I found this kit hard to use at first as I didn't realise that it was so tricky, it reminded me of a hair dye box and you apply the products almost as if you are dying your hair. In the end with the help of my sister, I managed to complete all the steps. I loved the tangle brush which came with the kit, it is in fact a Denman brush, which I will keep for everyday use (it works better than my original tangle teezer believe it or not).
What I thought of the shampoo & conditioner:
The Mango fragrance of these two products is DEVINE, I love fruity scents and this scent impressed me, my mum said that the smell is good enough to eat! You get a lot of product in both bottles and even my sister uses this on a regular basis now and is always coming up to me saying 'feel how soft my hair is'! I am intrigued to try the other scents.
  • Smells incredible!
  • The blow out kit is of a high quality, I could see this kit being used in a hair salon.
  • You get a tangle brush in the blow out kit, which you can keep and use over and over again, not just during the treatment.
  • The blow out kit isn't messy and can be done in any bathroom, leaving the bathroom as clean as it was before.
  • Step by step instructions are included in the blow out kit, easy to follow.
  • There was enough product in the blow out kit that I can use it again, however this may not be the case for everyone, my hair is just below my shoulders. If you have long hair you may use all the product up.
  • The blow out kit stinks of eggs and made me gag a few times.
  • When I finished using the blow out kit my hair stunk of eggs for the next 48 hours that I waited to wash my hair.
  • It left my hair VERY VERY greasy and I had greasy hair for 48 hours, meaning I couldn't really go out in public. I feel I may not have applied it right as it shouldn't have been that greasy, so don't let this put you off.
  • Personally the conditioner left my roots greasy, which happens a lot no matter what shampoo or conditioner I use, but I did wash it the next time by not applying conditioner to my roots and it helped a lot.
I like to give my honest opinion when I review anything, so unfortunately in this case I did have some con's but as you can see more pros!
Apart from the con's I mentioned above I was really impressed with the standard of this kit, everything was there that I needed to complete this treatment, so I guess all there is to do now is show you the results..
This is my hair before the treatment, it is wavy due to curling it a few days before this picture was taken but my hair is normally quite wavy and frizzy.
Although I wasn't impressed with the smell of the treatment, I am hugely impressed with the finished results. The 'After picture' was taken 5 days after the treatment was applied, as my hair was greasy the first time I washed it, I didn't want to show you my nasty hair; therefore this is my hair after the second wash.
You see how there is no frizzy fly aways in the 'After' picture. Every time I wash my hair now I can blow dry it without the fear of it being frizzy. Please note that in the 'After' picture I have not straightened my hair, it is very straight, however it is the treatment that has made it that way and I no longer have to straighten it until the treatment wears off.

Thank you for reading, you can check out their website for more products and info:

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