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Sew Lomax | Luscious Lemon Pouch

Good evening ladies!
Today's post is very exciting, I recently signed up to Sale Servant which is a website in which bloggers can communicate to companies they are interested in working with, and that's just the beginning of it, to check out Sale Servant please click the link to be taken to the website:
I joined this website not thinking much was going to happen, until I contacted a company via the Sale Servant website, this company is called Sew Lomax, which I'm sure a lot of you have heard of. Due to my blog not being the most popular one out there, I had no hope that any company would take me seriously and give me a chance, but I was most certainly proved wrong. I sent Sew Lomax a message and it didn't take long for them to reply, they were more than happy for me to do them a review, which is why I am writing this post!
Before I start my review, I would like to say thank you to both Sew Lomax for believing in an unknown blogger such as myself and Sale Servant for just being an awesome company and giving up your time to help bloggers connect with brands, which is very much needed!
Now onto the review. I was mega lucky to be sent my own PERSONALISED lipstick pouch from Sew Lomax. I had heard of this brand previously, all over the Internet and had always had my eye on their makeup bags, they looked so beautiful and you could tell that they were made with so much love and care, I never thought I would own one myself until now.
I was told that the makeup bag would take an extra 7-10 days to arrive, due to me wanting a personalised message on the back, (making these bags great as a gift for someone or a treat for yourself) and I am very inpatient but eventually it arrived and it was so worth the wait. The amazing thing about these bags is that you can have whatever sentence or word you want on the back, making your makeup bag extra unique and personal. I chose something simple and it turned out to look awesome, here is what I had put on my lipstick pouch..

If you thought the back was amazing, wait until you see the front..
I couldn't be more happier with how my bag turned out, I'm in love with it and get so much use out of it. I didn't notice for a few minutes from opening the box that there was a detachable charm-like accessory on the zipper, which is meant to look like a bobbin (correct me if I'm wrong) which I thought was a great little touch to the whole look.
The lipstick design on the front of the pouch is funky, it reminds me of art pop by the simple design, bold colours and thick outline, it is something anyone could try at home, with a sewing machine or by hand. There are a few different designs to choose from, but I had to go with the lipsticks, I am a lipstick addict myself so I couldn't resist. There are also SO many colours to choose from, but as it is summer I wanted to go for a summer colour, and they certainly pulled it off!
Everything was so beautifully presented, even down to the box and tissue paper it arrived in. I find it important for a products packaging to be appealing, it attracts me to the product so much more and shows how much work the company puts into every last detail.

One thing that stands out to me and makes me really respect the people who make these stunning bags are that they are finished by hand, giving each bag an individual and personal look. I know by just looking at how neatly everything is on the bag, from the zip to the design, that the Sew Lomax company really care about making each bag extra special to the customer and must have such a passion for what they do.
I did Textiles at school from year 7 to 9, and then chose it as my year 10 options, and then went on to doing it in sixth form; by learning so many different techniques I know that making just one of these bags much take some effort and time. When I have to do work by hand in the past, I found it difficult to get accurate with whatever I was doing, therefore I am guessing these bags must take some time and patience to complete.
So I guess your all wondering, does it fit my lipsticks in?
Of course it does! In fact I still have room for some more which is a perfect excuse to go lipstick shopping! I think I will be using this bag as an ordinary makeup bag for when I am travelling, but for the time being I will keep my lipsticks sealed up inside, ready for use whenever I need a lippy top up! I hope by the end of the year this bag will be full to the top with lip products!
AT THE MOMENT THE BAG I HAVE REVIEWED IS INDEED ON SALE FROM £25 TO JUST £17 WHICH IS A BARGAIN. Also please note that it will not cost you any extra to have a personalised message added to your makeup pouch.
Thank you for reading, I really hope I have persuaded you to take a look at this company, you will not be let down by the variety of products available.
Please feel free to check out the Sew Lomax website, and get purchasing ladies, these pouches are a girls best friend..

O x

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