Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Dream Dots | Review

Good afternoon, today I will be reviewing a product I was sent to review from a company called Dream Dots. This company created a product which will rid you of blemishes and spots, leaving you with fresh looking, flawless skin! First of I will tell you the basics of the product Dream Dots and then get into my personal opinion, enjoy.

Dream Dots are an overnight treatment to help calm, clear and heal breakouts.
Dream Dots are flexible and invisible spot treatment patches which help:
1. Clear breakouts
2. Calm
3. Purify
4. Heal
5. Project
6. Fast recovery

Apply Dream Dots before you sleep, leave overnight and in the morning the Dream Dots will have turned white in colour.
Remove the patch and cleanse your skin, repeat until you are satisfied that the pore has healed.


Personally I love this product, it's a fun way of getting rid of spots, instead of using a boring cream which to me, leaves me with dry skin afterwards. These Dream Dots are great to use for an overnight treatment, meaning you can pamper yourself at night, and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. I am not saying these dots work overnight as they don't, in the instructions it explains that you should use these dots until you are satisfied that they have worked enough and done the job.
They slowly but surely work for me, I have not seen a huge difference but they sure do calm my spots down, and get rid of the redness in them. These Dream Dots are very comfy to wear as you can hardly feel them on your skin and they are invisible.

When I opened the box, I must say that I didn't think you got many Dream Dots in one package (24 dots) but as I got to use them I realised they have lasted me a few weeks. The packaging is very cute and modern, I would recommend these to anyone struggling with finding a product to help clear your skin or spots. You can find these Dream Dots online, here are the links to social media sites which you can go to, to find more information and even purchase some yourself:


Thank you for reading and I hope you try this product out for yourself to see what all the hype is about. 
Have a good day,
O x


  1. These are so cute in the strangest way!
    Have to get myself some of those!


  2. These looks interesting!
    i think i will try when i get the chanse!
    Great review:)