Thursday, 6 November 2014

Emozioni Hot Diamonds | Necklace Review

Good afternoon, today I have a short review for you all featuring a jewellery range by the name of Emozioni. I was very lucky to win one of there much loved necklace pieces via Twitter, it was part of a halloween competition and I was that impressed with my necklace I needed to review it to show you all how great quality these necklaces are. 

These Emozioni necklaces consist of 3 seperate pieces: the coin, the coin keeper and the chain. 
The coin keeper is what keeps the coin in place, as well as adding some modern detail to the whole look. The coin you could argue acts a bit like the charms you collect on a pandora bracelet, except they are kept inside the coin keeper rather than hanging down. The coins come in all different styles, patterns and colours and can be collectable, making these necklaces great as presents! The chain is pretty straight forward, it's what you will hang your coin keeper from, and yet again they come in all different lengths, colours and designs. As I won a competition, I didn't get to choose out of everything on there website, there were two coins up for grabs which I could choose from and luckily enough I loved them both, making it hard for me to choose, after deciding I went for the faux snake skin coin as I thought it was very different and unique to the others I had seen on various bloggers and customers. I was then asked if I wanted a black/grey, silver or rose gold coin keeper, after changing my mind twice, I went for the rose gold one and therefore they asked me if I wanted the rose gold chain to match and I said yes. There online customer service was a 10/10 and they were very friendly and helpful when helping me choose my items. I got my prize in the post two days after, everything was packaged very carefully. I put my necklace together and my god, I fell in love with my necklace right away, I couldn't be more impressed with it! I can defiantly say I will be collecting some more coins over time to add to my collection, which brings me to the point of the box I recieved to; I recieved a box which I can sit my coins in as I collect them so they are all in one place, what a neat idea.
Over all I couldn't be more happier with my prize, and would like to thank the wonderful staff over on the Emozioni Twitter page for being such lovely people. If you would like to take a look at all the items they have to offer then please click HERE to be taken to the page.

Thank you for reading, have a great afternoon.
Olivia x


  1. This is an amazing piece!!
    congrats girl:)))