Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Jerome Russell Bblonde Maximum Ombre Kit No.1 Review

Hi there, today I have a new post for you which is a bit different to my normal reviews, I am testing out a hair colourant product, which yes is risky but I love a good challenge so bring it on !
The company I will be talking about is called 'Bblonde', which is a brand that focuses on hair colourants for blondes (or blondes to be). The creator of this brand is Jerome Russell, and all of the products are created by him, with the customers in mind.
The product which I tested out was the Maximum Ombre Kit No.1, I'm not normally a fan of DIY ombre kits as there is a huge risk of it going wrong easily, but as I have already used this brand a few times before, I trusted them to deliverer me great results.
Three years ago I used a bleaching kit from Bblonde and went from a vibrant but dark red, to honey blonde and with people telling me it wouldn't work, I proved them wrong and the results were great. I completely trust this brand even more now that I have tried there Ombre kit as I had brilliant results which I will show you very soon.
Seven months ago I coloured my hair from my natural light brown to a more darker brown, and as lovely as my hair looked, the brown was getting a little bit to boring for me who likes bright and funky hair. I was then contacted by the Bblonde company and they said I could give there Ombre kit a go, which was great timing ! I have had so many hair colours since being a teenager that my fear of it failing gets smaller every time and I enjoy experimenting with my hair !
I received a package a few days ago and was mega excited to discover that it was my Ombre kit. I was expecting the kit to have quite difficult instructions to follow, but they were so straight forward that I just went for it !
[Can I just point out how pretty the packaging is]
Picture above: This is what was included inside the box, it looked pretty similar to the products I used three years ago, so I felt a bit more relieved that I may actually know what I'm doing !
With a bit of help from my teenage sister, who helped me with the back of my hair, we applied the product onto the ends of my hair, working from the back to the front (following the instructions). Development time took a while, as it is completely up to you when you want the colourant out, as it depends on what shade of blonde you want to achieve, for example; the more you leave it, the lighter it will go and the less amount of time you leave it, the more natural/darker it will look. I wanted to achieve the exact same colour as seen on the box (honey blonde) therefore I left it as long as I could and rinsed it off after about 40 minutes, hoping that the colour would be what I desired.
Sure enough I achieved the colour I wanted and was more than impressed with the finished results. My hair now has a lovely blonde shine to it and looks ten times better than my previous boring brown hair.
The only negative thing I would say about this product (I like to be as honest as I possibly can be) is that the blending lotion seemed to work on one side of my head but not the other, bearing in mind that this was most likely my fault for not applying the blending lotion well enough, I will now know what to be more careful with in the future if I was to use this product again. For anyone who is unsure of what the blending lotion does, it helps the Ombre effect look more gradual, rather than having a straight line of blonde, making it look more natural.
 Apart from that I am thrilled with the final look, and here are the results..
I feel a lot more confident with my hair now and cant wait to show it off !
Thank you to everyone at Bblonde who gave me the advice and help I needed in order to achieve a beautiful finish ! I would be open to trying out any other product of there's in the future and this experiment has made me so much more desperate to go fully blonde, but for the time being I will be rocking my Ombre hair !
Thank you for reading.
O. x


  1. did it come with a toner for after you bleached it?x

  2. did it come with a toner for after you bleached it?x